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Grief for our world (2).

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And so we crumble within on sanctity of life and abortion in the name of compassion. We also divide on climate change and the coronavirus re lockdowns and vaccination and not offending people and even, as important as they are, freedom of speech and Critical Race Theory. And I will avoid, if possible, any discussion of conspiracy.

Dr Jereth Kok now suspended two years. Will it be three? Will it be permanent?

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Why? Not for being incompetent or “bad” at doctoring but for social media posting of articles and comments on ethical and moral issues of the day involving medicine that could be open to mis-interpretation and lead to “lack of confidence in the medical profession”.

Covid Vaccine Clinics – a surprising joy.

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Covid Vaccine Clinics – a surprising joy. Every Wednesday morning for about six months now I see patients for Covid vaccination some of whom I have seen since the beginning of the practice in 1968. Some I have looked after since early childhood. For others I have delivered their children, walked with them through the […]

Reading is good.

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I confess I like it as mizzled. It adds a touch of mystery to when it is used in situations of confusion and deliberate intent and when used in a triumphant way “aha, you’ve been mizzled, haven’t you!”

Grief for our world. Afghanistan.

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yet STILL we destroy ourselves from within with our rebellion against God and His creation, the planting of the Imago Dei within us, the creation of male and female, the institution of marriage and family – building our own Tower of Babel to usurp God from His throne –

Critical Race Theory. An Introduction.

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To “understand” culture in order to destroy it, to fuel riots and destroy peace. To deliberately foster and fuel power struggles and dissension where there is none or where healing of divisions has already taken place or is taking place.

Moral Injury. An introduction.

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Recognising/acknowledging the reality/truth of what happened, that it was more than just a traumatic or tragic event, that it ran in opposition to deeply held morals, that it was the result of a deliberate, non-accidental, course of action that was in conflict with those morals – even if it seemed there was no other course of action when it might have been the lesser of two evils – it still requires defining for recovery to occur.


The Doctor as Guardian of Community Health. The obligation to be a Voice and the right to engage in rational debate (1).

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The Medical Profession has a long history of being the guardian not only of ethical matters regarding medicine but also where medical matters impact on the community and community health. This is as true – if not more true – in our time. Freedom to debate and educate on contentious matters via the media of the time is essential in every age.

Replacing Ruminating Thoughts

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But there may remain – despite all the above – ruminating thoughts that are unresponsive or persisting, that occupy many hours of the day and that seem impossible to shake.
OK, how do we cope?
Disciplined strategies, not to argue with the thoughts, but to replace them.

Coming Home to the Old Kitchen Rug

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And we should use the longing inside us – and point others to do likewise – to move us closer to God and to remind us that we are aliens and strangers here, that our real home is with our Father in heaven.