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The Essential Heart of Medicine

Read Full Article Filed on 28 November 2020

To promote physical and mental health in community, helping the disadvantaged, and promoting a global consciousness with respect to all who are at risk. It is also to warn of risk to health of family and community and to engage in such action as is necessary to counter those risks both within Medicine and in Government.

The Strange Case of Dr Jereth Kok and the Over-reach of the Medical Board of Australia

Read Full Article Filed on 26 November 2020

r Kok, a competent GP of 15 years well-respected by his patients, posted comments on social media and at least one article in a Christian newspaper re ethical matters he felt strongly about. Now, more than a year later, Dr Kok is still under suspension.

The Descent into Barbarism, Dishonour, and the Whistleblower.

Read Full Article Filed on 24 November 2020

So, we can at least be thankful for the Brereton Enquiry. Yes, saddened by the exposure but still holding the SAS Regiment in honour. And yet dishonour was heaped on the person who brought the dishonour to the light of day. Thanks are rightly due to our armed forces upholding peace and security but there is more to be told.

Remembrance Day 11.11 plus 11.11 Jesus 400yrs Mayflower

Read Full Article Filed on 10 November 2020

Remembrance Day, Armistice Day, in USA also called Veteran’s Day – key event being the signing of the armistice ending The Great War – World War 1 – at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. It is a special time to remember and give thanks.
This year tomorrow 11/11 also marks the 400th year of the Mayflower anchoring at Cape Cod, Massachusetts

How did it get to this point?

Read Full Article Filed on 14 October 2020

Three months ago I would have been confident we would win the conversion therapy battle and now we have lost in two states

Combatting the (transgender) madness

Read Full Article Filed on 06 October 2020

We will fight the insidious propaganda of “only you can tell whether you are a boy or a girl”. We will fight for good science. The time for politeness on this issue has passed.

What is the greatest crisis that humanity has ever faced?

Read Full Article Filed on 23 July 2020

It is what we do with our God that really matters. The descent into anarchy to be destroyed by the barbarians or disease or nuclear war may be what God allows for us as a result of our rebellion.


Read Full Article Filed on 14 May 2020

REPLANTing the tapes in our head For 2020 Covid-19 stress or any other stress or uncertainty or heavy responsibility or anxiety Ah!  How much we learn from others when we listen… I was explaining my usual analogy of “replacing the tape” in our head with another tape and the advantage of this being a song, […]

In Honour of Peter Kentley

Read Full Article Filed on 16 February 2020

Peter Kentley died last week Feb 11, 2020. A great loss to the ekklesia as Peter referred to the people and significance of lay ministry.

Visionary, communicator, connector, facilitator and motivator. Founder of with a Confluence of Church and Marketplace Streams

The Heart of Medicine

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The Heart of Medicine is for good health outcomes. To maintain health, to restore health, to heal. To cure sometimes, to comfort always, to ease the way, to relieve distress until the final breath. To practice in conscience with compassion