Read Full Article Filed on 19 February 2007

On a society that has forgotten how to shudder. On our politicians who voted for research without morality, who put research ahead of the intrinsic value of all human life who would create human life for the express purpose of research involving its destruction who chose to overlook the reality that stem-cell lines from destructive […]

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The Human Embryo, Cloning and Medicine Without Morality

Read Full Article Filed on 10 March 2006

A Comment on the Lockhart Review Committee Report for Christian Leaders The Human Embryo, Cloning and Medicine without Morality A need for strong, ethical leadership by Government. Executive Summary The recommendations of the Lockhart Legislation Review Committee cross moral boundaries that ought never to be crossed. These include the deliberate creation of human life for the […]

RU486 and Médecine Sans Moralité. An Opportunity for Strong, Ethical Leadership by Government

Read Full Article Filed on 27 January 2006

Inquiry into Therapeutic Goods Amendment (Repeal of Ministerial responsibility for approval of RU486) Bill 2005 Submission on behalf of Christian Democratic Party (WA Branch) GPO Box Z5041 Perth WA 6831 January 2006 Dr Lachlan Dunjey MBBS FRACGP DObstRCOG 0407 937 513 Executive Summary: We need also to consider the ethics of outcomes. […]

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RU486. An Opportunity for Strong, Moral Leadership

Read Full Article Filed on 21 December 2005

The proposed introduction into Australia of RU-486 as another and more accessible way to obtain an abortion further cheapens human life and serves to entrench the ‘abortion culture’ mindset. It touches on the value we place on all human life and its expendability. Abortion is the killing of a unique life in which, though not […]

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