News Release: Human Life and the Imago Dei

Read Full Article Filed on 18 June 2011

…the devaluation of human life, the blurring of what it means to be human is humanity’s greatest crisis.
“The attempted manipulation of life and death is the most significant issue of our time. When does human life begin and when does it have value? What does it mean to be human? The answer to this is critical to our thinking with respect to abortion, destructive embryo research, cloning, eugenics and euthanasia.”

The Threat to Democracy

Read Full Article Filed on 16 May 2011

Humanity’s greatest crisis, medicine’s greatest challenge, society’s greatest risk – our future is under attack in three critical areas with interlocking themes of risks to freedom of speech, belief and conscience, the manipulation of life and death, and the re-shaping of Australian society by minority group pressure.

Understanding the Times – like the Men of Issachar

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What is it that we don’t get? What is it that stops us from calling it evil? What is it that makes people continue to vote for the people who promote or condone this evil? When will people speak up? Will we be like the Israelites who remained silent in the face of Elijah’s challenge or will the mighty men and women of God condemn this evil and those who promote it? And if not now, then when? How much worse does it have to get? And will we then still have the freedom to condemn?

The Debate Over Human Cloning and Embryonic Stem Cell Research

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Download as PDF: Human Cloning and Embryonic Stem Cell Research I am wearing 3 hats tonight. The first one is of a medical practitioner concerned about the direction our country is going in medical science. I also happen to be a Christian and the relevance of that is that it gives me a solid underpinning […]

Prohibition of Human Cloning Act 2002 CDP Submission

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Legislation Review Committee Secretariat PO Box 4226 Manuka, ACT 2603 Legislation Review of Australia’s Prohibition of Human Cloning Act 2002 and Research Involving Human Embryos Act 2002. Submission on behalf of Christian Democratic Party (WA Branch) GPO Box Z5041 Perth WA 6831 Dr Lachlan Dunjey MBBS FRACGP DObstRCOG 0407 937 513 General Comments: […]