Sunrise Prayer Australia Day Friday 26 January 2024, Success Hill on the Swan

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Sunrise Prayer Australia Day Friday 26 January 2024, Success Hill on the Swan, Bassendean WA

5.15 – 6.15am Success Hill Reserve, 7th Ave, Bassendean WA, Friday Jan 26. Sunrise 5.35am.

In the present dissension with respect to the celebration of Australia day it seems particularly appropriate to join together to repent, to dedicate ourselves for the Glory of God, to be not afraid, and in the context of appropriate grief for our nation turning away from God that people in their distress will turn to God instead of rejecting Him.

Heritage of Success Hill

Known as traditional Noongar land and an important meeting place. To Noongar people this side of the Swan is known as Yellagonga’s country. We acknowledge the Whadjuk/Noongar heritage of land and waters and are grateful to use this area .

Captain James Stirling explored this area in 1827, 2 yrs before the founding of the colony.

A mixture of emotions is appropriate with perhaps repentance and dedication primary.

Repentance for wrongs permitted and wrongs done but also acknowledging the many who made personal sacrifice in reaching out and ministering to our indigenous people.

Whatever our personal views and experiences we can meet in dedication of ourselves and country to our great God and our Lord Jesus and to have joy in our meeting together.


In addition to the above, Sunrise Prayer on Australia Day is a special opportunity to set the spiritual scene.

Small (but eternal picture): our kids are increasingly exposed to temptations seemingly approved by community and increasingly mandated by bad government – “Safe Schools” and “Respectful Relationships” falsehoods and lies; increasing control over what we teach in our homes and schools. Erosion of family values. The urgency is now.

Bigger national (also eternal) picture: increasing restriction on freedom of speech; freedom of conscience and expression of conscience; freedom of belief – freedoms enshrined in international covenants. Progressive devaluation of the intrinsic value of human life as created in the Image of God evidenced by the promotion of abortion and euthanasia, viable babies being accidentally born alive after an abortion procedure and left to die, embryo selection even for sex of baby (yes, even before “it” has decided what gender it is going to be – so how do the parents know which baby to kill?). Then there’s surrogacy and transgenders… The urgency is now.

International (also eternal) picture: war in Ukraine and the Middle East; the suffering church everywhere but right now in Nigeria; religious/cultural conflicts and persecution of Christian minorities increasing year by year; decay of “western” civilisation and Christian values. The urgency is now.

Eternal picture: yes, the great gulf between heaven and hell and the urgency to make known the gift of God in Jesus Christ for forgiveness of sin. The urgency is now. Lord, please help us not to miss an opportunity.


All are welcome but you may have a closer venue where you have been before (but if not, why not make it happen).

But for this venue, make it a family affair! Australia Day is still a public holiday. Think of the significance for your children to be up for dawn coming to the top of the hill to overlook the Swan River and the Darling Range. There are steps down to the river and a boat ramp. Facilities: Toilets, Playground, Barbecues.

Any queries contact Lachlan Dunjey 0407 937 513 or David Kingston 0412 089 884


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