Two contrasting “victories” for women

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Amendment rejection: “victory for women” Emily’s List.
Amendment acceptance: “victory for women” in Arizona.
It is hard to understand the opposition of Emily’s List women to the proposed amendments. They all made sense. Surely one would want to anaesthetize a late-term baby about to have its brain sucked out by a partial birth abortion. Surely for a 14 year-old schoolgirl one would want to look at the possibility of abuse and the reporting of same. Such opposition I think will be thought very strange in years to come.

Will you vote for good or evil?

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…and voters will need to decide very clearly whether they regard this matter – the compelling of evil – something that they should support or vote against. Each person has a clear choice. Each person must make a decision for good or evil. It will be very clear cut.

Solemn Assembly

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The shedding of innocent blood Preamble to prayer of repentance at National Solemn Assembly, Canberra 9-11 March 2007 with specific reference to abortion and cloning. The profession of medicine has a long and noble history of skill and compassion.The teachers I had in medical school were honourable and moral and many of them were Christian. But […]

A Perspective on RU486 and a Call to Action

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We can thank God for Senator Harradine’s motion of 1996 and that access to RU486 has been restricted for almost a decade. We can thank God for faithful servants. We have lost control of RU486 to a scientific body set up to assess evidence and standards and not at the morality of the drug, but […]

Stem Cell Research on Embryos – Discussion Guide for Girl’s Brigade

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Icebreakers: For these two icebreakers it is suggested that answers be written down, quickly collected and numbers displayed. Short discussion may be allowed depending on time available before going on to Bible Study questions. 1. When do you think human life begins? a. at conception i.e. fertilisation of a human egg by a human sperm […]

Combined Churches Statement On Abortion

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1998 February. Statement signed by WA church leaders and sent to Members of Parliament in Western Australia. We, the undersigned, want to take this opportunity of reminding the people of Western Australia of what termination of pregnancy really is. We want to tell you the truth! 1. The conceptus is a human organism with a […]