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An ANZAC Prayer

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We have been called, rather disparagingly, by those who currently seek to destroy, “the Nations of the Cross” (Libya, on the beach “A message signed in blood, to the nations of the cross”). And yes, Lord, we wear the cross as a badge of honour and we place it, with solemnity, on the tombs of those who have fallen and we are sobered as we survey those fields of crosses.

A Resurrection Meditation – Marching Orders for the Fearful

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Peace. I send you. Receive the Holy Spirit. Forgive.
You have a purpose; I am giving you a much higher purpose than anything you could have imagined. Do you remember how I pronounced forgiveness of sin and that this was so much more than healing people’s bodies? Now I give you the same authority. This is what you are now to do.
As the Father sent me (to proclaim forgiveness) so I send you (to proclaim forgiveness). Jesus sends us to proclaim the good news of God’s forgiveness to all who will believe and accept it. This is the heart of the gospel.


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PERTH EASTER PARADE 2pm – 4pm Sunday Starting at Stirling Gardens
Marching the streets at Easter is a very good opportunity of collective Christian celebration and witness in a gentle non-confrontational way of loving our neighbour, to proclaim that most fundamental part of the Christian story: Jesus died for you and me and He is risen!


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The words are immortal: Greater love hath no man more than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

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Today is the day my Uncle Ernest (Dalziell), aged 19, died 100 yrs ago on the first day of the Australian advance on Bullecourt. 11 April, 1917


By What Authority (3)? What can we do??

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By What Authority (4)? What can we do?? We can meet THIS SATURDAY with others right across Australia “making our voices heard in heaven… humanity cooperates with divinity”

By What Authority (2)? Is the “Safe Schools” program so bad it becomes the main election issue?

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On March 11 this year West Australians have a clear moral choice. Will you support Labor and the Greens who are both committed to continue to roll out the “Safe Schools” program ensuring “state” indoctrination of our children… which is “is not about bullying (but) about gender and sexual diversity”.
The implications of forced state indoctrination of our children and grandchildren should scare us.

By What Authority?

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But how to have a voice in society in this background of evil in our midst? How to speak against evil in our world when by association we can also be judged guilty? When we have not confronted sin in our fellows within the church? When we have extended “forgiveness” and not changed practices within our churches and not built in protective boundaries and not ensured accountability? When we have failed to protect the vulnerable?

Reflection – New Year’s Sunrise Prayer 2017 Success Hill WA

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Join us in a dedication of the year, for ourselves, our families, our churches and ministries, our communities, our nation, our governments, our suffering brothers and sisters, the Islamic peoples, the Middle East, the peace of Jerusalem, our world.

Christmas 2016 Celebration in the Midst of Evil. Part 4. Celebration wins!

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Help us Lord to extend the hand of forgiveness and peace to those who hate and seek to hurt. Yes, for celebration to triumph in ourselves and in others. Amen.