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A Compelling Evil. Part One – a Reflection.

Read Full Article Filed on 22 February 2010

I have become more and more confrontational over the years because the quiet message has not worked. People need to know what a partial birth abortion entails but when I ask people who are on-side they still do not know. If I cannot educate my supporters how can we possibly educate MPs who won’t even start to listen?

Just in case you find the mix confusing…

Read Full Article Filed on 21 February 2010

Yes, I wear a medical hat being the founder and convenor of Medicine With Morality that writes letters and submissions to educate and lobby MPs in particular. So from time to time you may get a spill-over of an email primarily written on behalf of MWM docs on an ethical issue that affects us all – like liberty of conscience issue – email to follow.
Yes, I have a doctor/village elder heart so I occasionally send meditative pieces…

Revisiting Vanity Fair – the city of lies and deception

Read Full Article Filed on 18 February 2010

Make no mistake – even our freedom to believe is at stake (for Faithful it was the stake). Not just because we declare what we believe but because we will be actively questioned and challenged and pursued in this as Christian and Faithful were. And if we answer “wrong” we will be punished.

To Practice Medicine According to My Conscience

Read Full Article Filed on 20 January 2009

The freedom to practice medicine according to our conscience is under threat.

There are those that actively promote the view that doctors not prepared to offer legally permitted care because it conflicts with their values should not be doctors.

But the real threat is that such a situation will come about by default through being un-insurable and un-registrable without such a policy ever having been adopted.

There is a need to actively defend the integrity and independence of the medical profession.


Read Full Article Filed on 19 February 2007

On a society that has forgotten how to shudder. On our politicians who voted for research without morality, who put research ahead of the intrinsic value of all human life who would create human life for the express purpose of research involving its destruction who chose to overlook the reality that stem-cell lines from destructive […]

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Rally for Life – On the Steps of Parliament House WA 25 May 2006

Read Full Article Filed on 25 May 2006

It seems like yesterday yet it was four years ago that we had a historic debate in our nation and in our parliaments. As a result of that debate two acts came into being the likes of which would have seemed very strange to a previous generation. These were to prohibit human cloning and to […]

A Perspective on RU486 and a Call to Action

Read Full Article Filed on 24 February 2006

We can thank God for Senator Harradine’s motion of 1996 and that access to RU486 has been restricted for almost a decade. We can thank God for faithful servants. We have lost control of RU486 to a scientific body set up to assess evidence and standards and not at the morality of the drug, but […]

RU486. An Opportunity for Strong, Moral Leadership

Read Full Article Filed on 21 December 2005

The proposed introduction into Australia of RU-486 as another and more accessible way to obtain an abortion further cheapens human life and serves to entrench the ‘abortion culture’ mindset. It touches on the value we place on all human life and its expendability. Abortion is the killing of a unique life in which, though not […]

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Protect Our Children’s Future

Read Full Article Filed on 10 February 2005

Protect our Children’s Future with – Values that Last – Education that Matters – A Community that Cares. To ensure these things we promote A society in which all people matter and life is precious – from fertilisation to life’s natural end Where all life is honoured and children are protected from all forms of abuse, including the unborn […]

Sex – The Illusion and The Reality

Read Full Article Filed on 20 January 2005

The Illusion It can’t be wrong when it feels so right. If it feels good, do it. Casual sex never hurts. I can have fun now without it affecting the rest of my life. I don’t need to think about it beforehand – when the time comes I’ll do the right thing. Casual sex is […]