Grief for our world (2).

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Grief for our world (2).

A PS to

…yet STILL we destroy ourselves from within with our rebellion against God and His creation, the planting of the Imago Dei within us, the creation of male and female, the institution of marriage and family – building our own Tower of Babel to usurp God from His throne –

and STILL we rebel and pass laws to legalise abortion for any reason at any time, to permit euthanasia, to approve marriage outside of God’s divine plan, to approve and facilitate children transgendering – and even to criminalise counselling to find out why they might be feeling this way –

and STILL we fragment as Christians and cannot unite on these crucial issues to honour God

we crumble within, we are at threat from without and we are asleep at the wheel

The other day I was at a birthday celebration with about fifteen present and I was asked by a person next to me what I thought about the WA euthanasia legislation and I replied very briefly that it was a tragedy, that some 98% of palliative care doctors were against it and 70% of other doctors had serious reservations – mostly opposed – and I had an hour before the committee and was well heard and STILL the legislation passes. I confess to being gobsmacked when my questioner and others in the conversation expressed their appreciation of the legislation giving permission for euthanasia when it was needed for relief for the terminal person. There seemed to be no awareness of the dangers to the community and the approval of suicide when things get too tough. The MC was then talking and there was no further opportunity to discuss.

In my musings afterwards I thought do they get good teaching in church? do creation ordinances ever get taught?

And so we crumble within on sanctity of life and abortion in the name of compassion. We divide on climate change and the coronavirus re lockdowns and vaccination and not offending people and even, as important as they are, freedom of speech and Critical Race Theory. And I will avoid, if possible, any discussion of conspiracy.

Lord God of the narrow gate please awaken Your people and help us – by Your grace – to be resolute and united in what we regard as essentials and to avoid those things that divide and to be desperate in following and loving You as our Lord, and Lord of this universe.

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