Same-Sex marriage consequences for our future

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Same-Sex marriage consequences for our future. 2 July 2011.

Last week the WA Labor Party conference passed a motion supporting same-sex marriage. NSW is now the only state that is yet to vote on this but is widely expected that it will follow the same line. This means that our PM is under enormous pressure to change her stand and allow a conscience vote federally. The definition of marriage and Labor Party support of the bi-partisan 2002 Marriage Act will come up for discussion at the December federal conference.

But there is far more at stake than just allowing gays to marry.

Truth is at stake. The essential nature and truth that marriage is between male and female, the biological truth of which leads to procreation, the truth that children ideally require and need both mothers and fathers for nurture and growth into responsible adulthood – all of this at risk.

In line with other ethical and moral legal permissions that become compulsions there are consequences to losing this battle in that we are then compelled to go along with the lies that have become enshrined in law. Our freedom to speak truth to society and to our children is at risk and will be interpreted as vilification and intolerance.

Incremental same-sex changes that we are already seeing here – inclusion of books in school libraries, education in schools, forcing of adoption agencies, changing of birth certificates to Party A and Party B, access to church camp sites – will be legitimised by re-defining marriage in federal law. Changes that have occurred elsewhere – the forcing of foster parents (and indeed natural parents) to comply with approved education, compulsory performing of marriages by marriage celebrants and then by ministers of religion.

Canada seems to be leading the way in much of this. The Toronto school board, one of the largest in North America has forbidden parents from withdrawing their children from pro-homosexual education. Permission will not be granted because it violates their human rights policy.

Once we have lost this battle federally I believe there will be no chance of turning back the clock. We must not tire in our efforts and our prayers to preserve marriage as the most fundamental part of our heritage and society.

Please consider and sign the Canberra Declaration.

And the Australian Christian Lobby petition

Also look at this recent paper from NSW churches (pamphlet) (full paper)

and this powerful comment by John Piper

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2 Responses to “Same-Sex marriage consequences for our future”

  1. Imelda 22 August 2011 at 9:08 am Permalink

    I dont oppose for changes but for marriage purpose it is not possible.

    Marriage is sacred and must be a union of a man and woman for the purpose of it was GOD’s purpose to spread his Kingdom through his children.
    a union of same sex, what can they achieved?
    because later on ,,if thinking of doption or Test Tube baby for this purpose to keep the same sex couple satisfied and make them feel as normal couples should not be granted too.

    Children needs a Father and Mother figure and these children will be denied with this advantage.Children are gifts and must be respected .
    children normally inherit their characteristic from both parents.