FSG and the SSCA (Safe Schools Coalition Australia) – what do they have in common?

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FSG and the SSCA (Safe Schools Coalition Australia) – what do they have in common?

They both destroy the magic of sex. In the guise of freedom they destroy innocence. Fifty Shades of Grey because it portrays sado-masochism and bondage (no, I do not need to have read the book to know that much and I make no comment on artistic merit). The SSCA because, in the process of tackling bullying, it encourages students to “come out” whether they are gay, lesbian or transgender.                                                                                                           

The magic of sex is apparent from an early age when small boys look at girls with a fairy princess type of worship.  For those who remember, this was wondered at by the mother of the boy in My Mother’s Castle when she, noting his willingness to do anything with a sense of worship and awe for the fairy princess in front of him, commented if he will do that now for a girl, what will he do when she grows up?

Sex involves the whole personality and emotions and creates a deep bond between two people (the Bible talks about one flesh.) Sexual relationships are so much more than just erotic and physical pleasure. When experienced in the context of falling in love it is truly mystical and wonderful, and especially so with commitment in marriage.

It is a shame and a tragedy – a media and Hollywood perversion and an abuse – to lose this magic by going straight from a look to physical sex, and for young people to think this is the norm and is expected in order to discover sexual identity.  What a tragedy to awaken physical sex before love and even more to have it forcibly taken.

We should have a healthy fear of spoiling the gift – it should not be sacrificed or profaned in any way for others or ourselves.  Indiscriminate sex trivializes and destroys this deeper relationship – an intangible spiritual connection is contaminated and lost.

Abuse of innocence also occurs when sex play between children of the same sex is interpreted as a declaration of sexual preference. It is well recognised that initial same-sex interests will commonly and naturally shift to interest in the opposite sex.

Likewise, to show and express friendship in physical touching is not to be interpreted as sexual identity. It is normal and natural for young girls to express friendship, happiness and security by holding hands. To imply sexual attraction in this circumstance is also an abuse of innocence.

Oh that we could equip children to “say no” to predators, to say “no” those encouraging sexual experimentation to discover identity and to say “no” to premature sexual involvement when a loving relationship is developing.

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Please, if you agree, download and sign the open letter to the Prime Minister regarding SSCA.

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