Christmas 2016 Celebration in the Midst of Evil. Part 3. Christmas is pro-life!

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Christmas 2016 Celebration in the Midst of Evil. Part 3. Christmas is pro-life!

It was a time of terror, of tyranny and treachery in high places, a time when evil appeared to be unfettered, a time of uncertainty, and a despot ruled in the Roman province of Judea.

Caesar Augustus didn’t have a clue when he ordered a census and Herod, in his evil, also had his part in fulfilling prophecy.

The King of Kings is born in Bethlehem and the heavens are open to wide-eyed shepherds.


Jesus is pro-life! In every respect! Well, it’s a no-brainer really. From the time of conception – as per part 2 of this series “…the Triune God chose to come in human form at the very beginning of that journey of life” – through the pregnancy, the recognition by Elizabeth of the unborn Jesus – echoed by the leaping of the unborn John the Baptist – and the whole of Jesus’ life and his death that we might have life!

Why should we be pro-life and promote pro-life? Because all humankind is created in the Image of God and therefore has intrinsic value from conception – as with Jesus – in all states of dependency until life’s end.

We are to defend this truth because we are to love our neighbour. This means loving our pregnant neighbour and loving the child within her – each and both.

As it was in Bethlehem, is now. Some extremes in this battle between good and evil today are illustrated by the following

  1. The continued approval and promotion of dismemberment abortion and partial birth abortion through to term for any reason when the alternative in terminating a viable pregnancy for “health reasons” is to allow the baby to be born alive. The baby does not need to be executed.
  2. The sheer brutality of these methods of execution should fill us with horror. I look forward to a generation that sees it as being incomprehensible that we should ever have allowed these shocking procedures.
  3. And that such methods should be performed on a baby that is pain capable. Yes, “they” say the brain is not capable of interpreting pain coming through the nerve pathways laid down in early gestation. How do they know? Many states in the US have passed state laws banning abortion after 24 weeks (NB such a move recently failed in Victoria) but have faced legal challenges including opposition from the White House (“disgraceful” was the term used).
  4. Opposition to proposed legislation to assist babies accidentally born alive after an abortion procedure such assistance generally not given as the baby was meant to die. (See Gianna Jessen for an uplifting story by a survivor.)

Enough! As it was in Bethlehem, is now. These contrasts between good and evil were highlighted in the recent American election and are real for us here now.

Jesus is pro-life. The story of Christmas is about life, its protection, and the granting of new life. Forgiveness and restoration.

It is time to celebrate. The King of Kings is born in Bethlehem.

Lachlan Dunjey. 15 December 2016.

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