Book Review: Christian Drums in the Public Square

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Book Review:

Christian Drums in the Public Square – A Call to Faithful Engagement in Australian Politics by Madeleine Goiran.

This book, just published, is topical and deserves a read before the coming federal election. It is informative, reassuring, and equipping. The challenges we face re the destruction of family, faith and freedom are huge and sinister and anything but reassuring but the ways in which we, as “ordinary” Christian people can be involved and influence the future of society for the sake of our children are very helpful and reassuring.

As Madeleine writes “The ‘drums’ of this book call Christians to attention… to faithful engagement in the public discourse at a time when current political correctness tries to silence our Christian voice.”

It is a call for us to deepen our relationship with our Lord God and underlines the need for prayerful dependence and intercession.

It is 117 pages, easy to read with good size print and a further 43 pages of understanding government, voting and a bibliography. Cost $15 plus postage.

Until further notice it can be obtained direct from Australian Christians 1300 788 502 or

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