Bill Muehlenberg commentary and more re the Culture of Death

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Bill Muehlenberg commentary Yes Virginia, There Is A Pro-Death Scrooge

Worthy of a read of each of these

February 03, 2019

Dear friends

One. We no longer have the luxury of comfortable Christianity in the West. Unless we offer prophetic resistance to the evil culture we find ourselves in, we will soon be history:

Two. Yes they really do want to kill babies – even at birth. The new pro-death bill in Virginia is as shocking as are those promoting it:

Three. It is kinda nice to just sit back and watch the rainbow warriors imploding and ferociously turning on each other:

Bill Muehlenberg


A significant commentary – thanks Bill.

Please look at the link in commentary TWO

if you are game watch this description

and watch this wonderful testimony by Melissa Ohden who survived an abortion when two nurses rescued her

We need to grieve…
And pray…
And be a voice…

“To all the pastors and priests in America who don’t want to be ‘political,’ wake up! There is a cost to your silence. There is a cost to the unborn. There is a cost to your being quiet, and you will have to answer for that someday. The women of America will lead on this issue. We will not be silent. But we sure do wish the rest of you would join in.” -Penny Nance

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