#8 Fear-of-God. Voting intelligently and ethically.

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Remember, if you put your minor party first and they don’t get in, your vote FLOWS ON AT FULL VALUE to the next candidate or party you have selected. YOUR VOTE IS NEVER LOST.

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2016 a year of decision REVISED [8] finally, just vote as below!

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Understanding the Times – like the Men of Issachar

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What is it that we don’t get? What is it that stops us from calling it evil? What is it that makes people continue to vote for the people who promote or condone this evil? When will people speak up? Will we be like the Israelites who remained silent in the face of Elijah’s challenge or will the mighty men and women of God condemn this evil and those who promote it? And if not now, then when? How much worse does it have to get? And will we then still have the freedom to condemn?

Will you vote for good or evil?

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…and voters will need to decide very clearly whether they regard this matter – the compelling of evil – something that they should support or vote against. Each person has a clear choice. Each person must make a decision for good or evil. It will be very clear cut.