Dr Jereth Kok now suspended two years. Will it be three? Will it be permanent?

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Why? Not for being incompetent or “bad” at doctoring but for social media posting of articles and comments on ethical and moral issues of the day involving medicine that could be open to mis-interpretation and lead to “lack of confidence in the medical profession”.

Upholding the Honour and Integrity of the Medical Profession. For the Future of Medicine – Reflections on 56 years.

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Upholding the Honour and Integrity of the Medical Profession For the Future of Medicine – Reflections on 56 years My Colours to the Mast. Will you join me?     The Passion of Medicine. Which was it? the thrill of the chase of the elusive diagnosis? the triumph of solving the puzzle? the entrée into people’s lives? […]

A Critique. Good Medical Practice: A Code of Conduct for Doctors in Australia.

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Governments may legislate to permit certain practices or procedures but governments must never force doctors to violate their conscience by compulsory engagement in such practices or procedures. The Independence of the medical profession is critical – belief in practice as enshrined in the international covenants of the UDHR and ICCPR and non-derogable, that cannot be overridden even in national emergency (article 4 ICCPR).

The Strange Case of Dr Jereth Kok and the Over-reach of the Medical Board of Australia

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r Kok, a competent GP of 15 years well-respected by his patients, posted comments on social media and at least one article in a Christian newspaper re ethical matters he felt strongly about. Now, more than a year later, Dr Kok is still under suspension.

The Descent into Barbarism, Dishonour, and the Whistleblower.

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So, we can at least be thankful for the Brereton Enquiry. Yes, saddened by the exposure but still holding the SAS Regiment in honour. And yet dishonour was heaped on the person who brought the dishonour to the light of day. Thanks are rightly due to our armed forces upholding peace and security but there is more to be told.

STRATEGY: the battle for God’s Creation of male and female, for heteronormativity and against transgender ideology

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and make it very clear that the two “affirming” pathways of approach to the young child i.e. affirming and reassuring of birth sex vs affirming of feeling sex, are mutually exclusive and only one of them can be child abuse; BRING BACK DEBATE!