Meditation 5 Jan 2006. Jesus cried over Jerusalem.

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Jesus cried over Jerusalem. So we too weep for our rapidly weakening ‘Christian’ culture, the denial and rejection of God and God’s Natural Law in our society.

On 22 Nov 1963 three prophets died

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On a fateful day in 1963, the 55th anniversary of which we celebrate today, 22 November, three prophets died, the death of two eclipsed by the dramatic assassination of the third. The death of the Declared Hedonist overshadowed the deaths of the Declared Atheist and the Declared Christian.

Proclaiming Truth – Confronting Evil, Real and Fictional

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We need to acknowledge that what we fill our minds with influences our thoughts and actions. Violent thought that we deliberately let into our minds fuels further violent thought. Truthfully, deep inside ourselves, we are aware that such exposure does us no good – it is not uplifting; it does not spur us on to greater things;

More than we need to know.

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More than we need to know. Sometimes the detail is more than enough. Sometimes it is too much to comprehend and leaves us paralysed. Then we must turn to God in agony of spirit and weep with Jesus over Jerusalem and weep with Jesus in Gethsemane. And look forward to that day when King Jesus […]

Christmas 2016 – Celebration in the Midst of Evil. Part 2.

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And as we are reminded of the contrasts of that first Christmas, we are also conscious of the contrasts of our own time, of the revolt against God’s perfect Creation Order and against humankind created in the Image of God – perhaps no better illustrated by two very recent happenings in France

2016 a year of decision – dear Pastor/Leader POSTSCRIPT [9].

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And it may be that, in the spirit of the charges to the seven churches in Asia, this voice is heard:
“I have this against you, that you should have recognised this evil for what it is, that you have supported by your absence in the conversation those determined to deceive and lead astray, and that this neglect has led to generations of evil upon your children and grandchildren.”

Meditation – a perspective on suffering. A Challenge for daily living

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And we live in this “tension” between suffering and glory. Glory to God for our blessings, our present (but eroding) freedom, every new day the glory of His creation in all that we see and experience – held in contrast with the sufferings of our neighbour here and elsewhere.

The threat of radical Islam – some thoughts.

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…is it likely to end? Perhaps more likely that we are in the “last days” and we are to “lift our heads high for our redemption draws nigh”. Prepare for this we must