Christmas 2016 – Celebration in the Midst of Evil. Part 2.

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Christmas 2016 – Celebration in the Midst of Evil. Part 2.

It was a time of terror, of tyranny and treachery in high places, a time when evil appeared to be unfettered, a time of uncertainty, and a despot ruled in the Roman province of Judea.
Caesar Augustus didn’t have a clue when he ordered a census and Herod, in his evil, also had his part in fulfilling prophecy.
The King of Kings is born in Bethlehem and the heavens are open to wide-eyed shepherds.

And as we consider again the reality of Immanuel, God with us, Jesus coming as a vulnerable baby, the exchange between Mary and Elizabeth and the leaping of the baby in Elizabeth’s womb – can we ever doubt the reality that these babies are truly human beings? And that they are of intrinsic worth and should be protected?
The Son of God could so easily have appeared on the scene as a mature man ready for His ministry. But no, the Triune God chose to come in human form (Phil 2:7,8) at the very beginning of that journey of life. We praise you Lord God that you honoured your own creation by doing this. And we thank you, Lord Jesus, for your true humanity and yet perfection so that you could become our Great High Priest (Heb 4:15).

And as we are reminded of the contrasts of that first Christmas, we are also conscious of the contrasts of our own time, of the revolt against God’s perfect Creation Order and against humankind created in the Image of God – perhaps no better illustrated by two very recent happenings in France pushed by an extreme pro-abortion mindset.

  1. The banning on French TV of an award winning clip of smiling Down Syndrome children because their happiness was “likely to disturb the conscience” of women who had aborted their Down Syndrome babies. (Next move – make it illegal for children with Down Syndrome to smile?)
  2. A bill has just been passed by both houses to shut down pro-life websites on the grounds that they might give information considered to be a hindrance to women considering abortion. The “pro-choice” lobby wants to wipe out any choice other than killing the baby. Once again the implications for freedom of speech and belief are far reaching.

Whether we weep or laugh at the petty silliness of such “rulers, authorities, powers of this dark world” (Eph 6:12) we are reminded of our need to put on the whole armour of God, and that “the One who rules in heaven laughs” (Psalm 2:4). Yes, as we consider the contrasts it is worth reading that Psalm again. It is uplifting.

For now – get excited. Tell The Story. The King of Kings is born in Bethlehem!

Sing, dance, exchange gifts and good wishes. Forgive, be at peace with one another. There is something bigger than ourselves.

Lachlan Dunjey. 10 December 2016.

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