STRATEGY: the battle for God’s Creation of male and female, for heteronormativity and against transgender ideology

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STRATEGY: the battle for God’s Creation of male and female, for heteronormativity and against transgender ideology

  • Rebellion in federal parliament:
    • throw out the present leader who won’t listen to moderate voices in his own party
    • swing to centre-right and away from destructive leftist policies
    • appoint a new leader of the Liberal Party
    • may he be PM
    • let him be a Christian leader
    • and may he speak truth
      • Yay! All done. Thankyou Lord – even before we asked! PTL
  • PRAY for Scott Morrison: to bring all parts of the Liberal Party together; to bring back those of the public who deserted the Libs and went to One Nation; that he will get the Media onside; that he will be able to uphold the truth of God’s Creation; that policies will be sensible in terms of energy and climate change; that he will continue as PM after the next election
  • inform the church
  • inform the public – re how it is currently affecting sport and facilities, education, school toilets and change rooms
  • increase the community polarisation – make it ridiculous; make it obvious that the “emperor has no clothes”
  • and make it very clear that the two “affirming” pathways of approach to the young child i.e. affirming and reassuring of birth sex vs affirming of feeling sex, are mutually exclusive and only one of them can be child abuse
  • put transgenders back into the classification of BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) where it most obviously belongs
  • highlight the disconnect between LGB non-binary spectrum and T transgender binary and get the LGB fired up
    • and that “i” has nothing to do with it (i for intersex as in LGBTQi 0.02% of population)
  • highlight the disconnect between feminist ideology and transgenders and get the feminists fired up
  • highlight the disconnect with transgenders being part of anti-discrimination legislation and undermining the legitimate concerns and “rights” of people with disability
  • sack the AHRC (Australian Human Rights Commission) or limit its scope
  • sack AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Authority) and get back to a doctor-controlled MBA (Medical Board Association) concerned with doctor-patient professional conduct without interference from the AHRC which can control civil conduct of doctors anyway
  • bring back debate! Whatever happened to the freedom of logical discourse? BRING BACK DEBATE!
  • let there be two Universities
    • a University of Factual Science that educates re immutable truth in biological science, physics, chemistry, mathematics (maybe even law where “rights” are discovered rather than created)
    • a University of Arts where facts are ignored in favour of ideology
  • get the media onside.

For comprehensive information see Patrick J Byrne’s excellent book Transgender: one shade of grey.

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