To my praying friends. A three-year respite from the relentless march of evil. To plan and implement strategy.

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A Safe Place for our Children where they have freedom of belief, freedom to speak of that which we believe, freedom to teach around the kitchen table and in our educational facilities, freedom to gather to worship our great God and proclaim His good news to the world.
We can live with persecution. It is promised and it will come. It will in the long run be good for us as the Body of Christ preparing us for the Day of His Coming but that does not mean we should have no voice in the public square.

Book Review: Christian Drums in the Public Square

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“The ‘drums’ of this book call Christians to attention… to faithful engagement in the public discourse at a time when current political correctness tries to silence our Christian voice.”

Do we want to make the world a better place?

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AMOS: see, maintain, establish, justice – work it out in the courts, in the city gate, in the public square