Proclaiming Truth. Celebrate! Celebrate Sex: Male and Female, Masculinity and Femininity

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Proclaiming Truth. Celebrate! Celebrate Sex: Male and Female, Masculinity and Femininity.

Let’s be more specific and more dogmatic – God’s Creation is heteronormative! Male and female He made them. Yes, there are the “errors” with a different genetic makeup, the whole 0.02% of them, just as there are other genetic differences.

There is no biological spectrum.

Yes, there are spectrums of personality and character within these biological poles. Yes, we can celebrate the “tom-boy” freedom of the girl and admire and love her and fall “in love” with her but she will always be gloriously female – even in adulthood and the mother of a family. And we can appreciate and admire the sensitivity and gentleness of the male who can also have huge strength of character in putting wrongs right and leading our world. Thank God for these differences. Celebrate.

But to then classify these differences as being fluid or dynamic “genders” along a spectrum using such terms (believe it or not) as masculine and feminine (how weird is that when they are trying to neuter those terms) and then to reinforce (always, never to give light to the situation) these artificial constructs by “treating” with hormones or the amputation of sexual organs into – wait for it – the newly fixed pseudo-biological polar opposites of male and female is a mind-boggling twist.

To argue on the one-hand that there is no polarity, no heteronormativity, and then to amputate sexual organs in order to achieve what they have been trying to eliminate is a travesty with irremediable consequences to the individual concerned.

Ask the crowd at the Commonwealth Games what they think of breast or penis amputation for gender confusion and you will get an appropriate response.

Celebrate truth! God did a very, very good job in creating male and female.  We believe that society actually does celebrate the innate differences between male and female sexuality.  The intrinsic beauty and appreciation of the female face and form is recognised and extolled in art and literature in all societies by both men and women alike.  Likewise, the strength of the male form is extolled in art and literature.  No amount of social engineering will ever change this, nor do we believe that the mainstream of Australian society wishes for such change.  We believe these gender differences to be God-given and to form the basis for sexual expression within marriage.

Disclaimer: Happily married (almost 55 years) to my childhood girlfriend, both of us having made Christian commitments in our teenage years, I write from a position of privilege that I wish would apply to all who read this

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