Orwellian Doublespeak and the NSW Abortion Bill

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from the Daily Declaration

Currently before the NSW Parliament Upper House is the:

Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019.

An Act about reforming the law relating to terminations of pregnancies and regulating the conduct of health practitioners in relation to terminations.

This bill should be retitled as:

Ensuring Access to Abortion Bill 2019:

An Act to make it easy to kill your unwanted baby in NSW.

Some of you will be aware of the submission from Medicine with Morality re the NSW Abortion bill. In it you will have read that the proposed Act is flawed in its entirety by what it is called, by what it allows and by what it compels. The submission very strongly wrote that the bill should be thrown out.

Flawed by “what it is called” refers to the name of the proposed Act as “relating to terminations of pregnancies” by which it means deliberate destruction of the baby i.e. abortion, even when the pregnancy may be “terminated” by induction of labour with delivery of a live child.

Also in the submission: This is more than semantics. To speak clarity and truth and to avoid confusion in debate for MPs and the public, the term abortion should be used throughout.

But it took me a while to realise that I myself had become semantically immunised (!) regarding the actual title of the bill itself which reads Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019.

Let’s tease out what can only be labelled as lies and deceits, pretences and cover-ups, self-denial to assuage the conscience.

Reproductive Health Care Reform

What does Reproductive Health Care mean?

“Reproductive” has to do with carrying on the species by re-producing i.e. female pregnancy through to “production” of a new member of the species.

“Health care” refers to an optimum level of care to facilitate a safe pregnancy and a  successful healthy outcome for that new species member.

“Reform” usually means to fix things or change them in a way to make them better.

So Reproductive Health Care Reform should be about the optimum care of pre-pregnancy health, health care of mother and baby during the pregnancy and optimum care of the newborn baby and parent, paying particular attention to any factors that need correction of emphasis  or improvement in order to “reform” that care.

So, what is this bill about?

Everything that is the opposite of the above.

It is about stopping reproduction.

It is the opposite of health and care – it is designed to kill the new species member, the fully human baby.

It does nothing to reform or make for better pregnancy care in Australia.

It is about the ease of abortion for any reason, by any method, at any stage of the reproductive process right through to birth.

If “getting rid of” the baby – present as an unwanted consequence of sexual intercourse – is the primary intent, then at least from the time of viability this does not necessitate killing. Labour can be induced and the living baby taken care of by others, usually by adoption.

The title of the bill is a deceit.

The description of the Act under the title is also a deceit. It is not just about “termination of pregnancy”, it is about killing babies.

How can it be that Members of Parliament in Australia would vote to give legislative approval to pulling off baby’s arms and legs at a time when nerve pathways have been laid down and the child – no longer safe in what should be the safe-house womb – is screaming and writhing in silent agony.

Some will say how can I prove that the sensation is felt by the brain and into consciousness? I say how can you be sure it is not? At least surgeons operating on unborn babies give anaesthetic or pain relief.

One day a future generation will be aghast at what we have come to accept.

Can I for once show an ultrasound image of a baby being pulled apart during half-time at a grand final football match?

MPs, hang your heads in shame!

The bill should be re-titled as

Ensuring Access to Abortion:

A bill to make it easy to kill your unwanted baby in NSW.

This is a massive deceit on the people of Australia and as Dr Robert Webb, barrister-at-law, states “a stain upon the honour of New South Wales and a blight upon this Parliament.”

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