How did it get to this point?

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How did it get to this point?

Can bad law be reversed? Can the walls be rebuilt? Can the foundations be re-established?

How did we fail to see that it was possible for the legislation to pass? What then is the next point of attack and failure? What can we do to prevent it? How can we waken the public to the crisis? How can we waken the public to vote intelligently, understanding preferential voting? And is it possible to rebuild foundational truth?

How did it get to this point?

When we thought such was impossible, unbelievable? Were we asleep? No, not completely, but we underestimated “it’s the right thing to do” mindset of elected representatives and their disregard for scientific, biological truth and the truth of consequences.

And we are dealing with a public that is more concerned with entertainment, sport and hip pocket and also closing of their minds against the truth of consequences.

We are also dealing with a compromised church e.g. 13 uniting Church ministers in ACT supporting “Conversion Therapy” law and an evangelical church that has an ineffective voice and fails to educate its constituents. The church in its efforts to be “inclusive” has watered down foundational truth so as not to offend.

Some Christian organisations in the past have been paralysed in order not to offend.

The Failures

  • The ideological march through the institutions – universities, schools, curriculum branches.
  • When the unified, strong voice of the Palliative Care specialists was ignored in the push for personal autonomy. Again, the closing of minds against the truth of consequences.
  • Section 8 of the Victorian Abortion law. 24 amendments voted down. Compelling of doctors to do abortions or refer to someone who would? No, not possible. Through to term effectively for no reason? But it went through. And it did not even make partial birth abortion illegal.
  • Effectively now in several other states as well – during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • The meaning of Marriage
  • MBA/AHPRA 2018 Draft COC. How did it get so bad? Medicine is under attack.
  • Conversion therapy law now passed in Qld and ACT. When affirmation of “normality” becomes a crime and one-to-one counselling of a person seeking such counselling becomes a crime
  • How has LGBTiQ agenda got so far in the UN?

What then is the next point of attack and failure?

We have lost marriage and are losing the euthanasia and abortion battles. Three months ago I would have been confident we would win the conversion therapy battle and now we have lost in two states and are likely to lose across the board including in WA – of course, in the name of liberty, but will have a built-in compulsion element.

Liberty is becoming compulsion.

Next battle – freedom of speech. And after that, freedom of belief. We will be challenged as to what we believe and then face suspension or de-registration because what we believe will be unacceptable and illegal. The ultimate question will be “can a doctor hold to Christian foundations?”

What can we do to prevent it?

We need a declaration on which we stand. Something like The Heart of Medicine to

  • heal on request even if government forbids it
  • refuse “treatments” and procedures even when government compels it

For the survival of Medicine and the survival of the West.

How can we get rid of MPs who vote for ideology over truth?

Teach (strongly) in our churches and our schools. We will “offend” and polarise but such polarisation is essential – to be a “confessing church” – and inevitable. The time for pussy-footing around and compromise on truth is over.

How can we wake the public to the crisis?

Teach it and demonstrate the consequences

How can we wake the public on how to vote?

Slogans? We/you are responsible.

How can we reverse bad law? Can the walls be rebuilt? Can the foundations re re-established?

Maybe not. Maybe now is a downward spiral and the West is truly doomed.

But here early on a Sunday morning in Western Oz in the midst of heaviness and burden, grief and sense of doom for our nation (as felt Nehemiah), I hear the call (as did Nehemiah) to rebuild the walls (of Jerusalem), to re-establish the foundations. (I had tuned in to Dr David Jeremiah.)

So, my friends, we do not give up. We are still a voice even if that too is under threat both within and outside Medicine. Yes, we need to preach but also teach. Teach and keep on teaching foundational truth.

Prepare for God to do things His way. Don’t be intimidated by the enemies of truth.

Lachlan Dunjey 4 Oct 2020.

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One Response to “How did it get to this point?”

  1. Dr William Warr 19 October 2020 at 8:15 am Permalink

    Once again you are the voice for sanity and truth. It is sad that the Church generally is silent on so many of these issues. I have challenged my own Pastor, on more than one occasion, to speak from the pulpit on the issues of abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality and same sex “marriage”, but to no avail.
    I commend you for having the courage to speak up and support you fully.

    God bless you

    Bill Warr