Embryo Selection

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“The process of embryo selection inevitably results in destruction of unsuitable embryos” said Dr Lachlan Dunjey, Senate candidate for the Christian Democratic Party, and he added “The ‘designer’ child cannot escape the fact that the suitability of their genetic make-up alone has determined their right not to be destroyed.”

Consider the plight of the ‘designer’ child Dr Dunjey said and challenged any mother to consider how to respond if she was asked: “Mummy, what would have happened to me if my tissue match had not been right?”

“But you were just a clump of cells, dear.”
“But Mummy it was still me, my hair colour was determined and my eye colour was determined.”
“But you weren’t really a ‘person’ then, dear.”
“Mummy, even the shape of my smile was determined – that was me!”

“Like the ‘designer child’ we know when we begin” Dr Dunjey said.

“Though not yet expressed, individuality is inherent and real in the genetic programming from the time of fertilisation! It is then that human life begins.”

Authorised by Gerard Goiran, 7 Matthew WA, Thornlie

For further comment, contact Dr Lachlan Dunjey on
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