Child Pornography And The Role of Community

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“Abuse of privilege – abuse of power. Especially against the innocent and vulnerable. Yes, it’s shocking, but should it surprise us?” said Dr Lachlan Dunjey, Senate candidate for the Christian Democratic Party.

“It is true that there will always be those who with evil intent seek to prey on the vulnerable. And there will also be those who with intent of financial gain produce or peddle that which is prohibited by law” Dr Dunjey continued “but there are also those with no sinister intent who at some point are exposed to pornography and find themselves in a rapidly addictive cycle from which they seek to break free without success. There are also those who have been abused as children themselves who find themselves caught in this trap.”

“The latter two groups desperately need help and access to courses to help them break this pattern. Accountability mechanisms need to be set up for life and the offender is invariably grateful for the new-found freedom this accountability gives within the rules that are set. However some of these when their problem is involuntarily exposed will tragically suicide. We need to say loudly THERE IS HELP AVAILABLE. Go and see a counsellor; go and talk it over with your doctor or a priest or pastor so you can be directed to other sources of help, but you must get help.”

As a general practitioner specialising in counselling and as an educator in a wide range of mental health issues for the past 35 years, Dr Dunjey is also speaking from a wealth of experience in the management and prevention of child sexual abuse.”There will always be a tension between increasing personal liberties and the moral restrictions that we must set in legislation. The idea that legislation has no part to play in society’s standards is fallacious. Of urgent necessity is the need to roll back the decline in censorship standards as is also the need to ban the importing of X-rated videos into the two Australian Territories from where they can be distributed throughout Australia.”

Commenting on the role of media and entertainment Dr Dunjey had this to say “What we fill our minds with does influence our thoughts and actions. As a man thinketh, so is he. Truthfully, deep inside ourselves, we are aware that exposure to violence and pornography does us no good – it is not uplifting, it does not spur us on to greater things, it does not facilitate our enjoyment of people or the simple pleasures of life.”

And on the role of community he added “Freedom carries with it the responsibility to set guidelines. There are safe waters between the reefs that we must put on our charts, that we must example in our homes and that we must teach in our schools, but we also need – and there is a proper place for – the legislative framework that prints the charts.”

Dr Lachlan Dunjey
Candidate for Senate with the Christian Democratic Party.

Authorised by Gerard Goiran, 7 Matthew Way Thornlie
For further comment: Dr Lachlan Dunjey, mobile 0407 937 513

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