A challenge to Pastors and Leaders – will we guide our people this election?

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A challenge to Pastors and Leaders – will we guide our people this election?

In Victoria: unrestricted late-term abortion, unrestricted eugenics, legal compulsion of doctors to act against their conscience – significantly due to the influence of Emily’s List of which Prime Minister Julia Gillard is a founder.

If it is absolutely clear that a political party leader is deliberately leading the country in an anti-God direction, can we trust that leader or that party in other non-God areas?

In 2008 it became fully legal in Victoria for babies to be aborted for readily correctable abnormalities (such as cleft lip) right through to term and even for sex selection if the abortionist and just one other doctor agree.

In Victoria according to official government figures for 2007, 52 aborted babies were “accidentally” born alive and then registered as neo-natal deaths.  Please let that sink in…

What is it that we don’t get?  When in our attempt at perfection we eliminate all that are imperfect e.g. at 34-weeks of pregnancy by partial-birth abortion when scissors are put in the back of the baby’s head and its brain is sucked out so that the skull will collapse and there is an easier delivery through the birth canal – this procedure having the “advantage of delivering a dead baby”? And this execution requires no anaesthetic.

Not only has Victoria passed the most liberal abortion laws in Australia but in that legislation is the Section 8 provision to force doctors – even when such is against their deeply held convictions and conscience – to refer for abortion when asked by a patient. Now it is one thing to pass a law that permits evil but it is something more to pass a law that compels evil.

Such is the influence of Emily’s List. This extremely pro-autonomy (seemingly at the expense of any consequences to society), pro-choice (read pro-abortion), pro-euthanasia organisation boasts of the great victory with unrestricted abortion through to term “free of harassment” as a result of the Victorian abortion legislation in which all amendments were defeated. This legislation was introduced by MLC Candy Broad, a founder of Emily’s List. The webpage also boasts of having helped elect 139 Labor women in parliament.

And Julia Gillard is also described as a founder and wrote its constitution*.

And remember it was reported last year that the Federal ALP Conference had upheld the Marriage Act but quietly in the background a whole section was deleted in the federal ALP Policy Statement including “marriage is between a man and a woman” and the statement that future same-sex union “should not mimic marriage”.  What does that say about ALP future direction in this area and being led by a woman who does not believe in God or even marriage for herself let alone what deals she might have to make with the Greens to get other legislation passed?

And in the face of (probably essential) deals with the Greens can we rely on her to defend Christian chaplains in schools or our right to choose Christian teachers in our Christian schools?

Will Church Leaders speak up and give a lead? Will you help your people to understand the times so that they know what to do? Much has been written about the Christian vote but the 2010 Federal election is a pivotal year in that the good/evil parameters are clearer than ever before. This is now a time for the church to inform.

Please encourage your people to further look at these issues on the Christian Values Checklist and to support The Canberra Declaration.

Lachlan Dunjey lachlan@medicinewithmorality.org.au for other background also see http://vimeo.com/7809169

*The Making of Julia Gillard Jacqueline Kent, Penguin Viking 2009

PS. An immensely practical point!  Please help people to understand when voting for a minor party candidate to put that person [1] on the voting slip and the major party of choice [2].  Should the minor candidate not win the vote goes on at full value. Major parties will sometimes change policy or select candidates that represent similar values in order to gain these preferences.  And as you may know I would have been in WA upper house since 2005 if only 91 people voting for Liberal had put me [1] and Liberal [2].  That was in God’s hands and I have no regrets but it is a good object lesson on the importance of understanding the preferential voting system.

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