Revisiting Vanity Fair – the city of lies and deception

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Revisiting Vanity Fair – the city of lies and deception

(for those new to the world Vanity Fair is a city in John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress)

Are we there yet?

Make no mistake – even our freedom to believe is at stake (for Faithful it was the stake).  Not just because we declare what we believe but because we will be actively questioned and challenged and pursued in this as Christian and Faithful were.  And if we answer “wrong” we will be punished.

Foster children have been taken away – or not allocated – because the prospective parents believe in children having a mother and a father.

So what about anti-discrimination and human rights legislation being used on behalf of Christians who are discriminated against?  Useless, as the legislation is there to protect the minority groups.

“The agency director said that stigmatizing or discriminating against majorities is ‘not real discrimination’ and dismissed the man’s objections with laughter saying, ‘Discrimination is something that by definition affects minorities.”

Jerry Kane as quoted in Hate Crimes and the Religious Left commentary by Bill Muehlenberg

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