Yes we can. But we need to cover the battle with ongoing prayer.

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Yes we can. But we need to cover the battle with ongoing prayer

  • that the Bride of Christ will be strengthened by this exercise, that God will be glorified in His people, and that the honour of His Name will increase
  • that harm to our ministries will not occur and will instead be more fruitful
  • that those caught in sexual practices not honouring to God (sin) will seek forgiveness and turn to God
  • for strategic planning that is of God, not of man
  • that The Lord of Hosts, the God of the angel armies will confuse the plans of the wicked and render them impotent
  • for an army of people committed to God’s creation of male and female marriage and family to inform the general public of the real issues including letter box dropping
  • for the wording of the plebiscite that it does not emphasis a false “equality”
  • that attempts to get MPs to vote (now!) and abandon the plebiscite will fail
  • that we will have great courage to speak when speaking is tending to be restricted
  • that God will protect the lead players
  • that committed people will be able to talk to their pastor
  • that church pastors will support the strategies
  • that the church will not be fragmented
  • that God will direct the sequencing of strategies
  • that any strategy by the gay lobby to abort the plebiscite (realising they may lose) will be doomed to failure
  • that MPs pushing for SSM will be transformed by conversion, and if this is not possible (is anything not possible?) then that they will be thrown out
  • that God will preserve the nature of marriage as being between male and female in our nation and that Australia will be a light for the West in this and in other matters of righteousness

For Your glory, Lord. Amen.

PS. The attack intensifies. Once again there is an unseemly push by many MPs to not have a plebiscite. This seems to have gained even more momentum since the Prime Minister (for the first time as PM) and the Leader of the Opposition have attended the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade. It would seem that, by default, they both approve of the LGBTI agenda – which ultimately is to destroy marriage and family as we know it with nurturing biological mother and fathers who have control over the upbringing of their children, and not surrendering them to state-based indoctrination.

Those pushing to drop the Plebiscite are calling for MPs to make the decision (“that is why they are there”) and that the general public should not have a voice in the matter. The difference however between this and any other legislation is its irreversibility. Legislation passed on such matters as carbon tax by one gov’t can be reversed by another – particularly if there is a voter backlash. But SSM is undoable. Therefore it must at the very least go to the people – with a similar process as leading up to a constitutional change – as it will affect our society for generations to come.

Yes, we need to pray.

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One Response to “Yes we can. But we need to cover the battle with ongoing prayer.”

  1. ian Kilminster 6 March 2016 at 4:28 am Permalink

    I have just read these very useful prayer points & will use them to
    inform my prayers.
    Blessings IanK