Why the gender agenda matters and why it threatens our freedom to believe

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Why the gender agenda matters and why it threatens our freedom to believe.

(From the Daily Declaration  https://blog.canberradeclaration.org.au/2019/07/26/why-the-gender-agenda-directly-threatens-our-freedoms/)

Dear friend, as outlined in a previous article our freedom to believe, to speak of that which we believe – yes, even around the kitchen table – to teach that which we believe, and have it taught in our chosen educational facilities by teachers that also share these beliefs and values, is under threat in our nation as never before. Also see the submission from Medicine with Morality to the panel on Religious Freedom.

It is remarkable how the changing sexual morality and the success of the LGBTI agenda has been implemented into anti-discrimination legislation, tribunals set up to judge on hate speech and intolerance, as well as finding its way into “safe-schools” (!) programs and teaching from preschool levels.

And transgender ideology continues this attack on freedom in at least the following ways

  • to personally teach our kids binary sexuality – even around the kitchen table – that there is male sex and female sex (heteronormativity) and that there is no spectrum. If you haven’t discovered Binary yet, you must. Kirralie Smith’s video talks are brilliant – show them to your friends.
  • to believe and teach that marriage is between male and female
  • to have our kids taught at school the biological basis of sexuality and marriage and family, to not sow confusion as to sexual identity and sexual orientation and to not introduce other confusions such as there being three virginities
  • to choose teachers at private schools in line with the values of those schools and to home-school if needed
  • to believe that girls and women in female sports should not have to compete against transgenders and likewise that girls and women should be able to feel safe in female safe places – bathrooms and change rooms
  • to allow our children to have fun playing the opposite sex without being encouraged to find their “real” gender or even to be told “this is your real gender”
  • to work within our conscience and choose not to celebrate homosexual “marriage” when alternative celebrants and churches are available – similarly with provision of special creative services e.g. wedding cakes and photographic services
  • to preach from the Bible
  • in medicine to counsel when requested to help with issues of sexual orientation and gender confusion
  • freedom to believe and state all the above without fear of accusation of hate speech, intolerance, discrimination and even child abuse

Wow! The implications and consequences are huge aren’t they? The forced adoption of the gender agenda in the face of biological fact and God’s creative design directly impacts our freedom to believe, practice and tell truth.

The basis for our combatting of this fierce agenda to change society is to come back to elementary biology that we all know, that our MPs need to know and that we need to proclaim.

The elephant in the room is biology. (Biology invalidates ideology.)

  • Biology is “binary”. There is male and there is female. It cannot just be “assigned” at birth. It just is. There is no spectrum.
  • The biological design and purpose of male and female sexual anatomy and function is the creation of progeny and the formation of family
  • Sexual activity outside of biological parameters is not the same – it is different and is associated with significantly increased rates of disease
  • Legislative approval of “marriage” outside of these biological parameters is therefore a public health disaster
  • State indoctrination of our children through school curriculums that endorse and encourage sexual activity outside biological parameters is likewise also a disaster
  • Children have a right to know and be brought up by their biological Mothers and Fathers

 Transgenders in the biological room. (We cannot change our genes.)

  • The elephant in the biological room is the genetic code
  • The genetic code determines male XY and female XX, male and female sexual anatomy in all its perfection
  • There is a small group of “intersex” with an imperfect mix of genes e.g. XXY (0.02%)
  • Attempts to change biological sex including radical surgery to change sexual anatomy fail to recognise the complexity of the physiological effects on multiple body systems and the consequences of interference
  • The only way of changing this would be to change the genetic code early in the life of the zygote or embryo and even that would be conjectural

The doctrinal basis of all this is, of course, God the Creator. We read in Gen 1:27 “Male and female created He them”, in Matt 19:4 that Jesus answered “Have you not read that from the beginning the Creator made them male and female” and in Mark 10:6 “However, from the beginning of creation, ‘God made them male and female.’”

Please pray for wisdom for PM Scott Morrison and the government as they seek to establish workable legislation that protects religious freedom. Writing further “rights” or exemptions into law is fraught with danger as such can be subsequently withdrawn and competing rights interpreted differently.

I recommend you put all other books on one side and read The Little Grey Book on Sex and Transgender by Patrick J Byrne published this year. It is excellent re the implications and consequences of gender identity in law. It is only 95 pages and the only thing that makes it difficult to read is the reality of the seriousness of these consequences – but at least that forces us to pray that God’s truth will be honoured in our land. Available from News Weekly, DymocksBooktopia. Price $19.90.

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  1. Ian Kilminster 28 July 2019 at 8:04 pm Permalink

    Thanks hope to read the book ASAP.
    Many praying for common sense & religious freedom debate.

    Shalom Iank