What is child abuse? Transgender community clusters.

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What is child abuse? Transgender community clusters.

The mutually exclusive “affirming” pathways for children wishing to transgender represent a clear ethical divide in which it is essential for medicine, not activists and not governments, to be decisive and authoritative. 

Normal opposite sex “behaviour” in children is not to be considered evidence of transgender. To label such children as being transgender or “gender diverse” itself creates confusion and is abuse.

And we certainly should not teach gender identities in our schools as if it was something to explore. Are we already seeing an artificial “collective” of disturbed children confused by programs under the disguise of “safe schools” to wipe out “heteronormativity”?

In the meantime there is a sharp rise in children presenting with gender confusion with some commentators referring to “rapid-onset gender dysphoria” – before the child truly understands.

Yes, the rise can be explained as simply being recognition of pre-existing gender confusion, but might it also be the result of children suddenly clutching at a possible solution to distress – particularly relational distress or even “existential” distress? Could this be a cry for help?

Does this sound familiar? Could it be a similar phenomenon to other clusters of aberrant medical behaviour – with a smaller coterie of “real” cases – such as self-cutting, anorexia nervosa, “recovered memory syndrome”, even RSI “repetitive strain injury”?

Let me hasten to add that RSI really is a clinical syndrome and that, once given a diagnostic category, many undiagnosed musculoskeletal pains were recognised and managed correctly, but for the decade of the 1980s the numbers spiralled and have been referred to as an epidemic. A similar “epidemic” of recovered memories took place in the 1980s and 90s. And in the first decade of this century we have seen what might also be called an epidemic of self-cutting.

As with other community conversion reactions in “epidemic” clusters this too may pass, but in the meantime how many children will have been permanently damaged?

When will the people of Australia rise up and say Enough! Stop exposing our children to this rubbish. Let our children be children. And let our educators and our lawmakers stop pandering to this nonsense foisted upon them.

And when will our churches teach regarding the issues that concern every Christian in the every-day world so that we are equipped to really love our neighbour and be concerned for their welfare in society and for the protection of succeeding generations?

What to teach? Creation. Male and female created He them.

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