We are at War

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We are at War

“against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” Eph 6:12

The earthly nature of this is the attack on God’s people, the Bride of Christ.

We are under attack for what we believe, to speak what we believe and to teach what we believe – including to new generations of children and grandchildren.

This last week we have seen more of this attack with a printer’s refusal to print a new book on homosexual “marriage”. See this comment by a Presbyterian pastor on Stealing from a Child: the Injustice of ‘Marriage Equality an eloquent defence of the weak and vulnerable http://www.mercatornet.com/conjugality/view/an-outstanding-resource-for-the-fight-for-marriage/18756. If link doesn’t work copy into your browser.

Generally speaking this fight on behalf of the Bride of Christ is being led by para-church organisations and groups. There are times too when Church leaders can have – and have presented – a unified voice in response.

At the very minimum individual churches and meetings need to be informed, need to inform, and need to pray. To pray effectively, with understanding, we need to inform.

We need to pray for those on the frontline of the battle – for spiritual protection most of all – including their families. The battle is intense.

We need to pray individually and corporately, in our meetings together, at special times, and in our regular worship and teaching times. Our grief for what is happening in our culture must undergird and compel us to do this. If you need to be sobered in this then just read Ezekiel 9:4 re those who mourn for the city.

The below has come from the Australian Prayer Network.

Christians across the nation and across the denominational spectrum are coming together in concerted prayer during October, at a time when the Federal parliament will be considering changes to the structure of marriage in this country. The initiative, which came from the Catholic Church’s Marriage and Family Council, is being strongly supported by many Christian denominations as well as many of the Orthodox Churches that are represented in Australia. Many other Christian organisations and networks have also picked up on the initiative. Key Christian Aboriginal leaders are also supporting this call for prayer and fasting to protect marriage from redefinition.

The Australian Prayer Network, which believes all Christians must stand in solidarity on this issue if the threat to traditional marriage is to be defeated, is encouraging all our members to join in the month of prayer with their brothers and sisters in Christ. Each week we will publish prayer points covering the focus being followed by all Churches, organisations and networks. Those who wish to add an element of fasting to the call to prayer are free to choose how they will engage in that aspect of the call. The threat to traditional marriage is the greatest threat to religious freedom and freedom of association we have seen in Australia in our lifetime and the consequences of losing this battle goes well beyond the headline issue of “marriage equality”.

This week commencing 1st October, the focus of the prayer thrust will be praying for the flourishing of marriages and families in Australia. Please pray:

*  that our families would rediscover the sacredness and beauty of God’s plan for families and marriage.

*  that our families will be places enriched by the presence of God, directed by His word and empowered by prayer.

*  that our families will be an example to the world of what true love looks like, of how individual lives can be enriched by being part of a family that is committed to serve, honour and respect each other in love.

Source: Australian Prayer Network


Also see http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Crucial-Prayer-Call-for-Marriage.html?soid=1103600789806&aid=5AQ57EW0bwE


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