Two Meditations

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Two Meditations

Unexpected Reversals (on the news last night)

The goal. The scores were tied and there was a penalty shoot. The ball hit the top bar of the goal, ricocheted back over the shooters head and the goalie rushed out in triumph. The ball however still had lots of energy AND BACKSPIN and bounced twice more back into the goal mouth with the goalie absent.

Moral: keep watchful. Never say die (Galatians 6:9 do not grow weary). The unexpected can happen. Our God is the God of miracles.

Road rage reversal. Yes, it was. The angry driver stormed out of his car – on a slight incline – but forgot to put the handbrake on. While his door was open the car rolled backwards knocking the driver to the ground. Fortunately, he was safe and managed to get up and back into the car and put the brake on before his car rolled back into the car behind – and I think he changed his mind and drove off.

Moral: be angry but sin not. Let your concern/anger/bitterness be turned to prayer and praise to our most merciful God. And Lord, in your mercy, may this driver give praise to You that he wasn’t trapped under the car as it was rolling back.


We are in control of our destiny.

YES! $36M Telethon.

YES! We will achieve Equality by the YES vote.

YES! We will get control over our own lives right to the end (the Assisted Dying Bill passed the lower house in Victoria).

Yes, we are in control of our destiny.

Comment: Once again the money raised by Western Australia’s Channel 7 Telethon demonstrated the wonderful sense of community and generosity of people and a demonstration of Aussie mateship. Yes, a very good thing and the organisers and participants deserve every bit of congratulation.

However, the next two items are cause for grief and for our prayers that they will not come to pass. God is in charge of our destiny. Read Psalm 75.

(I’m sure you don’t need convincing but you can go to A Christian Basis for the “NO” vote re the plebiscite and Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 re euthanasia)


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