This week 50 yrs and 1000 days

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This week 50 yrs and 1000 days

St Luke’s GP Medical Group is 50 years old.

Yes! This month. We shifted into the house/surgery in early October 1968 and opened the week before the Meckering earthquake on Monday 14th October at 10.59 am, for that year the Queen’s Birthday public holiday.

For those new to the story we built on a corner block in a new housing development with surgery wing facing the more significant road and the house wing facing the other. We lived on the premises for 6 yrs before converting the house wing to surgery, then giving us 5 consulting rooms (now 7 with other internal restructuring after selling the building 2 yrs ago).

I am still working about 5 hrs/week plus a few more in supervision of doctors doing Family Medicine Programme. I now work for the new owners with a delightful God-given relationship.

The history of the practice and the connections has been a great story – minor in the big picture but still a story of God’s grace and blessing. We have had the privilege of working with so many wonderful Christian doctors including Dr Ken Elliott and Dr Doug Hill for short stints.

Thursday this week marks 1000 days since Ken and Jocelyn Elliott were taken captive from the hospital in the north of Burkina Faso. Jocelyn, as you know, was released after a few weeks for which we continue to give thanks.  Watch the Facebook page djibo soutient dr. ken elliot over the next few days.

Please continue to pray for Ken and the Elliott family.

Dr Doug Hill, in 1974 on his way back from helping Ken with the ongoing building project and setting up of an operating theatre was stabbed and killed by a fanatical tribesman. Subsequently the Doug Hill Memorial Fund was set up by Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship to help finance medical and dental students to do electives in places of mission.

Lizzie has an alternative history of the surgery – including living on the premises and being on call 24 hrs/day and receiving both thanks and criticisms for perceived shortcomings of the practice that more correctly should have been directed to me – but it is not fit for publication.

Anyway, God has been good and God is good. Geoff Wearne and I delivered babies for the first 20 years and it has been a huge privilege to continue to be involved with some of those families. “Oh, Dr Dunjey, do you remember me? You delivered me” and then her husband pipes up “and you delivered me too!”

So, just thought you’d like to know we’ve reached a half-century. BTW we’ve also been married now for 55 yrs and still attend the same church after 50 years. Yes, God is good.

Lachlan & Elizabeth Dunjey

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  1. John Harris 7 October 2018 at 9:17 pm Permalink

    What a wonderful overview of Gods goodness and favour. We salute you Liz n Lach for your faithfulness to God and His Word. Love as always, John n Rose