The Threat to Democracy

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The Threat to Democracy

See Charles Colson’s Breakpoint commentary of 12 May 2011

Our future is under attack in three critical areas with interlocking themes of risks to freedom of speech, belief and conscience, the manipulation of life and death, and the re-shaping of Australian society by minority group pressure.

Humanity’s Greatest Crisis

is the blurring of what it means to be human, the rebellion against what it means to be created in the Image of God, the distortion of truth as to when life begins and ends and when it has value. Ultimately, as CSLewis predicted in 1943 in that remarkable series of lectures at Durham University, this distortion results in “The Abolition of Man”.

In the attempted manipulation of life and death we are facing the most significant issue of our time. This is critical to our thinking with respect to abortion, destructive embryo research, cloning, eugenics and euthanasia. And, once again, we have a legislation review committee to look at cloning, egg donation, and animal/human hybrids.

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Submission  to Legislative Review Committee

Medicine’s Greatest Challenge

is to freedom of conscience in practice where the doctor is forced from being professional advisor to mere service provider at consumer demand, where doctors are compelled to do all that is legal whether or not it conforms to medical ethical standards, and where government becomes the arbiter of ethics and direction of medical research and practice. Such not only destroys the heart and soul of medicine but gives free reign to unimaginable evil as we saw in war-time Germany. We have seen the first legal evidence of this slip in Section 8 of Victoria’s 2008 abortion legislation.

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Society’s Greatest Risk

is exemplified by the push for gay marriage. Legislation deliberately locked in at federal level both here and in the USA to preserve marriage as between male and female with children having mothers and fathers is under threat. Despite the obvious Alice-in-wonderland distortion of language and truth that is evident in such sociological engineering the public seems to be gradually accepting this in the interests of alleged fairness or just inertia what does it matter? But we need to show the widespread consequences to such a change, of why it does matter and matters a lot. Essential democratic freedoms are at risk: freedom of speech, freedom to believe, freedom to even pass on our values to our children, and even democracy itself – as the article at the top illustrates.

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“Anyone who thinks that same-sex marriage is a benign eccentricity which won’t affect the average person should consider what it has done in Massachusetts”

Do these matters disturb you? They should. Please do not write them off as too hard to deal with. Talk about them to your friends. Direct them to the links. Ask your pastor to preach on the Biblical principles in creation, of being created in the Image of God, of being male and female, and of being stewards of creation. 2011 is shaping up as a year of great risk. Please do not tire this year.

Lachlan Dunjey, May 2011.

PS if you haven’t signed the Canberra Declaration please join the 30,000 and more.

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