The threat of radical Islam – some thoughts.

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The threat of radical Islam – some thoughts.

Basically the three main threats to our Christian culture and to the Christian church are

  1. The Gay agenda on the destruction of marriage and sexual identity, compulsory instruction and acceptance of homosexuality as a valid alternative in our schools, the use of discrimination law and “hate-speech” against anyone who disagrees and the loss of freedom of speech and belief and the freedom to instruct our kids – permission becomes compulsion
  2. The atheistic attacks by people who don’t want God anywhere in the picture leading to discrimination against those who believe in God as Creator, and influencing school curricula against any possibility of intelligent design – permission becomes compulsion
  3. Islamic terrorism, and once again the attack on freedom of speech and risk of accusations of hate-speech even if we dare to highlight the real cause being Islam itself and even if we dare to quote from the Koran to show this.

It is this problem of terrorism that I want to explore further, to look at where our world might be going with this, its relation to end-times prophecy and how we can prepare.

Will radical Islam go away? No, never. Radicals believe they are adhering to the true teachings of the Koran. They regard Christians and Jews in particular as infidels and they will kill (Jihad) or lie (Taqqiya) until they gain “peace through submission” which I am informed is what Islam means.

They also insist that the state of Israel must not exist. Iran is complicit and vehement on this and that the little Satan must be eliminated (genocide). We cannot ignore these clear statements which are then evident in the citizens of these countries and groups and the way they rejoice when we are killed.

Moderate Muslims are in fear of being targeted if they dissent.

Radical Islam has now set its sights on Rome.

What do we do? The most important part for the Christian church is to prepare for persecution, keep a clear account with God should we be killed, be passionate in our evangelism, learn and recite scripture and songs and prepare for and welcome Christ’s return.

Nationally and internationally what can be done?

Can we invade? Invade where and against what “nation”? Arab tribes and Persians resent “Western” invasion and will ultimately turn against us even if we “deliver” them – as in Iraq. Even when Shia and Sunni are fighting each other they will join together to resist outside “interference” or policing.  They will happily kill their own people and we cannot interfere.

We can continue as we are and bomb their bases and cripple supplies but the civilian population will suffer as they do now. Can we stop that suffering? How?

Already with the reaction by western communities against Muslim self-generated enclaves local Muslims are complaining of being marginalised. We are seeing further polarisation.

Only hope: that Muslims in western countries will rise up in protest and confront radicalism in  their own communities, in Mosques and in the schools. Also to undertake to support democracy and not seek to impose Sharia law. Will they do this? Unlikely, but if they do can we believe them? Don’t forget Taqqiya – to lie is to honour.

So, is it likely to end? Perhaps more likely that we are in the “last days” and we are to “lift our heads high for our redemption draws nigh”. Prepare for this we must.

Lachlan Dunjey 1 March 2015. A Safe Place for our Children.

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  1. Joe Vermeulen 2 March 2015 at 1:46 pm Permalink

    Amen. Knowing scripture is key. And if we can use songs to memorize scripture it is most helpful.