The Essential Heart of Medicine

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The Essential Heart of Medicine

The Heart of Medicine is for good health outcomes by working in cooperation with our patients.
To maintain health, to restore health, to heal.
To cure sometimes, to comfort always, to relieve distress until the final breath.
To practice in conscience with compassion.

To ease the way, but never to intentionally kill.
To heal on request even if government forbids it.
To refuse “treatments” and procedures even when government compels it.

Working with our healthcare colleagues in a spirit of collegiality and loyalty – but not at the expense of truth.

To seek, and to speak for, the future of medicine especially in ethical standards and the doctor-patient relationship, being aware of the lessons of history, with active engagement depending on the opportunity. Understanding that it is not enough to evaluate medical or surgical options while ignoring the merits of the purpose for which those techniques are being discussed. Understanding also that there will be ethical divides when it becomes essential for medicine to be decisive and authoritative, when there is no neutral.

To promote physical and mental health in community, helping the disadvantaged, and promoting a global consciousness with respect to all who are at risk. It is also to warn of risk to health of family and community and to engage in such action as is necessary to counter those risks both within Medicine and in Government.

The heart of Medicine demands of its practitioner skill, knowledge, sensitivity, respect for people and their backgrounds to ensure good health outcomes. It involves understanding, assessing what is happening and what is needed, education and explanation, and working respectfully with the patient to ensure the best possible good health outcome.


November 2020. Condensed from The Heart of Medicine


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