To Pastors and Leaders in WA re Christian stewardship at election time.

Read Full Article Filed on 12 February 2021

Please remember the simple fact that when electors put AC as [1] and the AC candidate does not get elected, the vote flows on at full value to the next candidate of choice. The vote for your major party of choice is not lost, unless or course the [1] choice wins :-) and even then your preference voting makes a difference.

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#6 The Fear-of-God and the Aussie “fair go”

Read Full Article Filed on 12 May 2019

…to have a fair go has been a part of our national identity and heritage and is now, once again, being promoted as a political slogan. These values, these freedoms are at risk with many of the policies being promoted at this election time – paradoxically by those shouting loudest about the fair go.

#5 Fear of God: Defining issues. Discerning good and evil. 2019 Implications for Voting.

Read Full Article Filed on 11 May 2019

I applaud all who work for the marginalised in and out of our country and all who work as stewards of creation. I applaud efforts to have good enshrined in party platforms. These matters however with their varying solutions pale in comparison to the former principles when it comes to the ballot box. They involve the “how” rather than the “yes/no”.