Euthanasia, Physician Assisted Suicide widening the cultural divide

Read Full Article Filed on 26 June 2019

This article highlights the fact that in some studies euthanasia and physician assisted suicide is requested for pain relief in only about a quarter of people with the majority being for reasons of personal autonomy “this is what I want, and I will have it”.

Open letter to the people of God in Victoria

Read Full Article Filed on 04 June 2010

Open letter to the people of God in Victoria. June 2010.
A state election is due in Victoria in November this year. Will you vote for good or for evil?…
These issues are extremely serious and the decisions we make now will affect the future of our nation.
For the coming state election in Victoria candidates will be asked whether they will support a move to repeal this part – section 8 – of the Victorian abortion law and voters will need to decide very clearly whether they regard this matter – the compelling of evil – something that they should support or vote against. Each person has a clear choice. Each person must make a decision for good or evil. It will be very clear cut. The warning is clear – if doctors can be compelled to participate in the process of abortion through to term for any reason then they can be compelled to participate in other processes against their conscience.