Confession: I AM INTOLERANT.

Read Full Article Filed on 08 November 2015

And I am intolerant of those who gush “love wins” in approval of “marriage” that involves anal intercourse (do I need to describe it?) and who cannot see that this is not marriage, that it is not sex as God actually and deliberately and wonderfully created it to be. Who ignore and trivialise Romans chapter one.
And who cannot see the sheer evil of the “Safe Schools” Trojan horse “anti-bullying” program introducing alternative and experimental sex to our children so “you can know what gender you really are”.

Will the Australian Government Re-define Marriage?

Read Full Article Filed on 11 January 2011

Is this disturbing? It should be. This issue is a watershed in Australian political history. If the truth about marriage is crucified at the highest level of Australian government there will be no getting it back. You may argue there is no point in fighting it, that this is part of the inevitable decline preparatory to God’s judgment but should we not preach and teach truth to our children? Should we not attempt to speak truth to our MPs before the February deadline?