Reflection – New Year’s Sunrise Prayer 2017 Success Hill WA

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Perth Metro area – Success Hill, Bassendean.

It was a very good day. It was a wonderfully clear and glorious sunrise. 14 came – backgrounds including Baptist, Church of Christ, Christian Missionary Alliance, Pentecostal and Catholic (and two Anglicans that would have loved to have been with us were on Beach Mission down South in Denmark).

The setting – Success Hill Reserve – overlooking the Swan River was stunning with a good view of the sun rising over the Darling Range. The historical significance of the setting with its Noongar history and early white settlement also gave it meaning for a New Year dedication of our future.

The quiet singing “Brother let me be your servant” was – as expected and hoped for – a good song to sing to each other in view of our wide representation and our desire to work together and be a strong Christian voice for our nation.

This is an ideal setting for future New Year dedications for our locality. Parking would cater for 50 comfortably – 100 at a stretch if people car pooled. All people present except one would have been 40+ years of age with eight being 60+. Where were the YP dedicated to our nation? The notice went to, to my ethics list with lots of contacts and to Facebook. No, I didn’t do an event as I was fearful too many might come and create parking problems.

And to all those fun-loving people who celebrated the night before and saw in the New Year and who ALSO (hopefully) dedicated the New Year to God why not ALSO for this super special occasion get up 4 hrs later for a SUNRISE DEDICATION? You can do it! Good soldiers for Jesus Christ for our day and for our nation can do it!!

It was a privilege to be there and to be sharing with like-minded people determined for God to be glorified in ourselves, our families, our church ministries, our governments and our nation.

Thank You Lord!


Sunday New Year’s Day Sunrise Walk & Pray 2017

5.00 – 5.45 am prayer walk at Success Hill, Bassendean, West Australia.

COME WHEN YOU CAN for as long as you can. Stay longer and have breakfast (not provided!) before going to your own church.

Join us in a dedication of the year, for ourselves, our families,  our churches and ministries, our communities, our nation, our governments, our suffering brothers and sisters, the Islamic peoples, the Middle East, the peace of Jerusalem, our world.

Some might just like to be on the level area; others might like to come to the top of the hill. Sunrise is about 5.15am.

It is suggested we join in saying The Lord’s Prayer at sunrise followed by quiet singing of The Lord’s Prayer – the Millennium version to tune of Auld Lang Syne.

As we mingle and walk around the park we might continue to sing that magnificent prayer OR as an indication of unity to sing “Brother, let me be your servant” to each other (“Brother, sister let me serve you” if you prefer).

Parking could be limited at the main entry but there is roadside parking along 7th Ave further to the North alongside the reserve. Let’s just make sure we are not too noisy for the sake of the neighbours.

Join us in spirit WHEREVER YOU ARE for praise, worship and dedication.


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