Slaughter of the Innocents: Of Dolphins & Humans

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Slaughter of the Innocents: Of Dolphins & Humans

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How can it be that 10 years later in 2019 we are still, incomprehensibly, in denial that the unborn baby is truly human, that it has an observable beating heart at 6 weeks gestation, and can feel pain from 16 weeks gestation as his or hers limbs are grasped with forceps and pulled off, then – excruciating to even think about (which is the reason why we won’t) – bit by bit pulled apart and then reassembled outside the safe-house womb to make sure all the bits are present. How can this be?

The napalm girl haunted us. May we be haunted by the mental image of an 18-week unborn baby on the rack in what should be its safe-house, being pulled apart. Please imagine that just for a moment… then get angry.

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