Protect Our Children’s Future

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Protect our Children’s Future with
– Values that Last
– Education that Matters
– A Community that Cares.

To ensure these things we promote

  1. A society in which all people matter and life is precious – from fertilisation to life’s natural end
    • Where all life is honoured and children are protected from all forms of abuse, including the unborn
    • Where care is provided for those who need it and carers are honoured and are helped
    • Where physical and mental health is promoted and there is access to early intervention for emotional health problems
    • Where the aged are honoured and cared for.
    • With adequate financing of Palliative Care for those with terminal illness.
    • With prevention and early management strategies of drug addiction, prostitution and gambling – including control of all who attempt to ensnare in these
    • A community in which to belong – seeking to involve young and old, integrating all nationalities, with a special emphasis on migrants and refugees – involving and celebrating our indigenous people – reinforcing an Australian consciousness
    • Special care for indigenous people – meeting their needs in ways that encourage responsibility and are not paternalistic – consideration of justice issues and their right to ‘belong to the land’
    • A media environment where positive values of family, friendship and community are celebrated – a tightening of censorship and classification of movies, video and games.  No public financing of the glorification of obscenity in the Gay Mardi Gras that would not be tolerated if it was heterosexual
  2. Encouragement of the ideal nurturing family with a mother and a father
    • a safe home where positive values of respect, dignity, responsibility, and truthfulness are honoured
    • provision of pre-marital enhancement courses, marriage enrichment courses, and free counselling to prevent the horrific cost of family breakdown
    • spouse income splitting for tax minimisation to facilitate the staying home of mothers that choose this
  3. Choice of education
    • That does not conflict with the values you seek for your children.
    • Preservation of teacher selection
    • Values education that promote respect, dignity, responsibility, and truth
    • Drug and sex education that majors on proven abstinence strategies
    • Ceasing all promotion of homosexuality as a valid alternative lifestyle
    • Education through to conclusion of first tertiary degree should be free.
    • Long-term planning of employment requirements and opportunities
  4. Responsible long-term resource planning with care and respect for our environment with particular attention to
    • Energy supplies
    • Renewable resources such as water and forestry
    • Responsible use of agricultural and pastoral lands with recovery of damaged land
    • Mining
    • Waste disposal
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