Links for interview 17 Jan 2021

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Links for interview 17 Jan 2021

CH Spurgeon: “This evil will also come upon us, we know not why, and then it is all the more difficult to drive it away. Causeless depression is not to be reasoned with, if these who laugh at such melancholy did but feel the grief of it for one hour, their laughter would be sobered into compassion.”


NO MAJOR LIFE CHANGING DECISIONS should be made when depressed and certainly not on basis of possible contributing factors


…I will not, because I must not

whether it seems logical,

even if it now seems as if it might be OK,

no matter how bad things are, no matter how hopeless,

no matter how attractive the      option might be,

even if it seems to be     hopeless to fight against it,

I will not because I must not


BEING THERE e.g. Job’s friends 7 days and nights in sackcloth and ashes





I’d rather be here with You

my Lord and my God

in the valley

than anywhere else without You


Develop a STOREHOUSE OF GOOD THOUGHTS when you are well and particularly when you are young. They will stand you in good stead when you are not so young and not so well. Scripture verses and praise songs. Good movies and good books.


Understanding Depression – A Christian Perspective

Go to  and


GRIEF (for our nation)

MOURNING (for the suffering church)

EXCITEMENT (for tomorrow)

JOY (for today)



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