Just in case you find the mix confusing…

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My friends,

Just in case you find the mix of websites and messages confusing…

Yes, I wear a medical hat being the founder and convenor of Medicine With Morality that writes letters and submissions to educate and lobby MPs in particular.  So from time to time you may get a spill-over of an email primarily written on behalf of MWM docs on an ethical issue that affects us all – like liberty of conscience issue – email to follow.

Yes, I have a doctor/village elder heart so I occasionally send meditative pieces as you recently received.  Not on web but come to think of it I should have a meditations heading on Choose Life Australia.

Choose Life Australia was the original theme when I decided to run for Senate and deals with issues around the intrinsic value of all human life from fertilisation to life’s natural end in all states of dependency and disability – themes such as euthanasia, physician assisted suicide, abortion, embryo selection and eugenics, stem-cell research etc.  Medicine With Morality rose out of this for rather obvious reasons.

Occasionally you will get pieces that highlight the moral danger we are in with a declining social ethic and values.  These might relate to telling the truth and include pieces – or references to – matters like marriage and family and sexuality.  You will find some of these on The Belt of Truth.  Some meditative pieces may find their way here too.

My file on people whose days we want to celebrate, the great cloud of witnesses mentioned in Hebrews 12:1 will be on A Badge for Today that I hope to start as from March 1st.  There will be a short bio and a badge that can be put in a clear plastic badge holder to stimulate questions – a useful evangelism tool and an encouragement to each of us.  This will be in a continual stage of development.

Finally (?) there are the risks to freedom of speech, freedom to state what we believe, and even freedom to believe that are all at risk with a bill of rights.  Our freedom to bring up our children with our same values relating to marriage and family and sexuality is at risk.  It is for these reasons that a simple statement of liberties that we hold precious has been formulated as The People’s Charter.  The response to the Australian Christian Lobby submission has been superb (23,000+) but we may need more than the Christian response in order to scuttle any Bill of Rights that may be put up before the election.  The People’s Charter has been formulated to appeal to the general public.  It needs to be spread far and wide and I have started Twitter for this purpose and this purpose only.  I would be grateful for you to spread to all your contacts. I am also now on Facebook for those who wish to add me.

Now you will find an ancient (free) site where I put a number of old papers – particularly on depression including a Powerpoint presentation – for people to access or use including some of the earlier ethics papers.  This will not be added to.

Yes, I do have a full-time paid job as well and I somehow have time for my very patient Lizzie and four children and their spouses and nine grandchildren.  I am very blessed to have their love and support.

Finally, thank you for your many expressions of support and thanks.  Thanks too to my friend Guennadi Moukine who set up the websites.


For those who may receive this on a dead piece of tree those sites are








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