God’s Creation Order. What is our basis for this battle we are waging?

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God’s Creation Order.

What is our basis for this battle we are waging? Yes, it comes back to God’s Creation. Understanding this and understanding the attack is essential to our response.

Man created in the Image of God “let US make man in our image” 

All human life has intrinsic value in all states of dependence and disability from fertilisation to life’s natural end.

Attack: abortion; euthanasia; physician assisted suicide; destructive embryo research; embryo de-selection and eugenics including sex selection and Down Syndrome genocide; babies accidentally born alive after abortion procedure and left to die; after-birth abortion; cloning, chimeras and cyborgs. See medicinewithmorality.org.au

Ultimately to control all reproductive and life processes, to create life and design it according to our own wishes, “cleansing” the human race for the future and in the meantime eliminating all that is deemed less than perfect.

Eden and the Tower of Babel revisited. To be free of the Creator God, to render Him unnecessary and be our own gods. We will be in control of our own lives and will choose how and when to die and choose the same for others.

Islamic terrorism. Not putting the same value on human life, eliminating whole communities by conquest and genocidal killing. Hatred directed to anyone who does not accept Allah on their terms – with Jews and Christians as prime targets.

Pushed by: from within by the atheistic lobby and “God-haters”, atheistic or naïve genetic experimenters; leftist social engineers.

Remember: permission becomes compulsion. Apart from the destruction of social order also at threat is liberty of conscience and discrimination in employment.

The creation of Masculinity and Femininity (“bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh)

So much more than having physical intercourse but nevertheless includes the Creation Mandate to “Be fruitful and multiply”.

Attack: gender fluidity and transgenders; be whatever sex you like – you are in charge of your destiny – you are your own god. The rebellion against God’s design of “natural” intercourse leading to homosexuality.

Pushed by: the gay lobby, leftist social engineers and the PC brigade

Remember: permission becomes compulsion. Apart from destruction of social order also at threat is liberty of speech, of belief and to teach our children. Further specific attacks through public education e.g. Safe Schools Coalition Australia encouraging to declare sexual preferences early leading to identity confusion and also experimentation.

Loss of liberty to speak about the dangers of these lifestyles and discrimination in employment and business ultimately threatening parenthood.

Marriage as a specific subset of sexuality and a Creation Mandate; “one flesh”; “for this reason shall a man cleave to his wife”

Attack: to destroy marriage as an institution, to push “marriage” and “family” as we choose it to be and then discarding as a useless concept with complete sexual freedom then to specific Satanic attack on Christian marriage and family to paralyse the Bride of Christ.

The decline of the West is both moral and by declining birth rate demographic winter

Pushed by: the gay lobby, leftist social engineers and PC brigade

Remember: permission becomes compulsion. Apart from destruction of social order also at threat is liberty of speech, of belief and to teach our children. Loss of liberty to speak about the dangers to society and discrimination in employment and business ultimately also threatening parenthood and in particular Christian parenthood. The attacks are unprecedented.

Stewards of Creation – animal kingdom and the earth – bring order, subdue, care for, work. Inclusive of a Sabbath rest – and God saw that it was good, and rested.

Attack: failure and neglect leading to ecological disaster.

Islamic aggression and nuclear disaster – what happens to the earth in the eye of radical Islam is subservient to the promise of Paradise.

We ignore the principle of a Sabbath rest to our peril.

Truth – at root is Satan’s attack on God’s Truth – did God really say?

Deceits and obfuscations are prolific (but not pro-life-ic). The gay lobby has hijacked compassion and equality and the rainbow in the attack on sexuality and marriage. Note how often Jesus said I tell you the truth.


Realising then that all we may do here below as an outworking of Christian responsibility and that we have the Mind of Christ must be in recognition that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood” and that the real battle is going on in heavenly places between spiritual powers and that PRAYER is then to be our most significant weapon.

The Lord’s Prayer is a good foundation.

Lachlan Dunjey. In humility, as a village GP, not a theologian, 27 December 2015.

PS Maybe it has been more obvious to others than it has been to me, but I have realised the Creation account underpins everything I am involved in ethically and morally. It is foundational to all I do and believe.

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3 Responses to “God’s Creation Order. What is our basis for this battle we are waging?”

  1. ian Kilminster 6 March 2016 at 4:18 am Permalink

    Thanks Lachlan.

    This is the heart of the matter- God given love & life & freedom.
    True we can march, lobby, engage social media, advocate in our churches & forums- all needed, as the Holy Spirit directs.

    But we MUST PERSEVERE in interceding to our heavenly Father via the blood of Jesus. The battle does belong to the LORD & to those who persevere despite the discouragement.

    God’s mercies are new every morning & great is His faithfulness.

  2. Gary 16 May 2016 at 7:26 pm Permalink

    God’s Creation supports and challenges issues across the political spectrum, but you only mention the Right-friendly ones. No mention of climate change, deforestation, reducing pollution through renewable energy? Or our asylum seeker policy – an abomination to the value of human life, and welcoming the stranger. And Islamic terrorism with no mention of the West foreign policy that created it eg. ISIS.
    Also you’d have to disprove the prevailing view that people are born gay, otherwise you leave people in the position of believing they were born outside God’s design, the unelect perhaps.

  3. chooselife 16 May 2016 at 8:19 pm Permalink

    Thank you – good points that I have struggled with. But there is something very specific in the rebellion against God relating to destruction of our own society from within and leading future generations of children into sin/error. Jesus specifically condemned this.
    Re the others you mention we can be in agreement on all these needs but have different ways of dealing with them and they can change from election to election and also according to changing circumstance. But there is no turning back from same-sex marriage. This election is critical.
    Gay people born that way? 20 years ago they argued it was choice – definitely choice – as they now argue for gender. Marriage does not need to be changed to accommodate them and the consequences of SSM to liberty of speech and belief are horrendous. Regardless, people with homosexual orientation (I know them) can remain chaste if they choose. Homosexual orientation is not sin. Leading children to try things out so they can know is evil.