Free Sex for 13 Year Olds

Filed on 21 September 2004 in Media Releases category. Print This Page

The news this week that the morning-after pill has been dispensed frequently to girls as young as thirteen should come as no surprise.

“Yet even the huge ethical and medical implications of the over-the-counter selling of the morning after pill pale alongside the false message we are giving to our young people that sexual activity is without physical and emotional cost,” said Dr Lachlan Dunjey, Senate candidate for the Christian Democratic Party.

As a general practitioner for the past 35 years, Dr Dunjey is speaking from a vast wealth of experience.

“We have in fact made it much harder for a young girl to resist peer pressure from male friends to engage in sex, let alone the manipulative coercion of older males who wish to take advantage of this new responsibility-free opportunity,” he said.

This pressure is compounded by sex-charged media entertainment, both on TV and in movies.

Dr Dunjey said “Why can’t we tell young people the truth – just like we do with smoking and drink driving – indiscriminate, uncommitted sex has a long term cost. It is not free!”

Dr Dunjey urges young people to understand the true nature of sex and committed relationships, saying “Yes, sex is truly mystical and wonderful,but only when experienced within a mature, committed, marriage relationship and it IS worth waiting for.”

Authorised by Gerard Goiran, 7 Matthew Way Thornlie

For further comment: Dr Lachlan Dunjey, mobile 0407 937 513

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