Covid vaccination for 5-11 year old children

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Covid vaccination for 5-11 year old children

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In summary the risk of significant Covid infection in this age group is small, probably equal or even smaller than the short-term risks of vaccination, so why vaccinate this group when long-term risks are unknown? Presumably for the sake of increasing herd immunity, diminishing transmission and protecting the older, vulnerable population – who are, and should be, vaccinated anyway. BUT, with the Pfizer vaccine we are injecting mRNA to manufacture the “spike protein” in our bodies to which the immune system reacts to develop antibodies to the protein in the Covid virus.

How then does the mRNA vaccine cause myocarditis and other problems? Although myocarditis in the community is most frequently of viral origin, in the case of vaccination it is not as there is no virus in the vaccine – not even attenuated or heat killed as in other vaccines. It is presumably due to the spike protein itself or due to the protein being linked to the heart so that the immune system also reacts against the heart muscle and it’s lining – the pericardium.

It appears that the myocarditis is short-lived but no one knows what possible long-term effects might occur? Is all the spike protein killed? Or can it continue to be produced by the mRNA? We think not as the immunity to Covid wanes anyway but we do not know.

So, if we consider the personal risk to the child of greater importance than Covid risk to the older vulnerable population and the Covid risk to the child to be equal or less than the risk of vaccination, then why the “important, critical, time urgent” rush to vaccinate this portion of the population – our future?

Yes, it is understandable that public health doctors advising government will push overall community public health, and community oriented bureaucrats and politicians likewise and so push for vaccination of the whole population and introduce access restrictions and penalties for those with valid scientific objection – sometimes extreme.

But for the individual practitioner FIRST, do no harm. Yes, we have a duty to public health as well, but primarily to the individual child in front of us. There is an increasing number of doctors who are saying no, go no further, leave the 5-11 yr olds out of the schedule except for those who need vaccination because of existing health problems.

There is a real dilemma for the parent of the child if they know something of the above (but do they?)

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