Confession: I AM INTOLERANT.

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Confession: I AM INTOLERANT.

I really am!

Like I see in some of my patients who, as they get older, become more intolerant of significant but relatively minor things like discourtesy.

Yes, I hate it too but I have learnt to say “bless you” and move on. Well, some of the time anyway. And I am reassured by the number of people including the young who move or say sorry (I must be looking very old in their eyes!)

I am intolerant of stupidity in people who I think should know better. Christians in particular. Sometimes it is just good to pray “Lord, please bless them and use them in Your unique way by Your grace – and me too.”

But sometimes I want to shout “you ignoramus – can’t you see what you are doing and the consequences of your choices?”

Particularly when it comes to voting for a government that has just introduced EVIL legislation that compels doctors to ignore their conscience and ignore the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 to ensure that the evils of Nazi Germany would never, ever, happen again.

And I am intolerant of those who gush “love wins” in approval of “marriage” that involves anal intercourse (do I need to describe it?) and who cannot see that this is not marriage, that it is not sex as God actually and deliberately and wonderfully created it to be. Who ignore and trivialise Romans chapter one.

And who cannot see the sheer evil of the “Safe Schools” Trojan horse “anti-bullying” program introducing alternative and experimental sex to our children so “you can know what gender you really are”.

Who cannot see the danger of allowing “transgender” children to cross-dress and use female shower rooms.

Who cannot see TRUTH.

Isaiah said it so long ago “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter”. Isaiah 5:20.

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