Combined Churches Statement On Abortion

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1998 February. Statement signed by WA church leaders and sent to Members of Parliament in Western Australia.

We, the undersigned, want to take this opportunity of reminding the people of Western Australia of what termination of pregnancy really is. We want to tell you the truth!

1. The conceptus is a human organism with a human chromosomal pattern and specific identifying characteristics – it is in reality an unborn child.
2. The unborn does have and must have rights. This is recognised by legislation in some states and other parts of the world, in that the unborn has rights in cases of assault or accident to the mother.
3. Abortion is the killing of a human being. It is the termination of a unique life.
4. The consequences of terminating a pregnancy have been minimised by abortion proponents.
5. The medical risk to the woman having an abortion is probably low, but includes cervical damage leading to subsequent miscarriage. There are studies showing a long-term association with breast cancer which cannot at this stage be dismissed.
6. There are consequences to the mental well-being of the mother. Agony can be felt decades into the future. It is not always possible to continue to deny the reality that a child has been killed.
7. There are consequences in relationships with the current partner and future partners of those involved in an abortion.
8. There are consequences to our spirit, unless we are totally successful in denying the spiritual component of our being.
9. The vast majority of women who make a decision to go through with an unwanted pregnancy have no doubt that they have made the right choice for themselves as well as the baby.

We acknowledge the complexity and agony that women face in unwanted pregnancy.
The purpose of this statement is to inform and not to condemn.
We also wish to affirm our compassion and offer our support to women with unwanted pregnancy and to those who may be distressed because of previous abortion.

Rev Peter Abetz, Reformed Churches
Pastor Philip Baker, Rhema Family Church
Dr Graeme Carroll, Chairman, Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship
Rev David Christian, President, Lutheran Church
Mr Barry Hadlow, Elder, Bedford Gospel Chapel
Most Rev Barry J Hickey, Catholic Archbishop of Perth
Pastor Warren Ison, General Supervisor, Church of the Four Square Gospel
Rev John Kerr, Superintendent, Church of the Nazarene
Lt Col Garth McKenzie, Divisional Commander, The Salvation Army
Rev Tom Morrison, President, Churches of Christ
Mr Peter Plumb, Moderator, Westminster Presbyterian Church
Dr Michael Shanahan, President, Catholic Doctors Assoc
Mr Ray Shaw, President, Baptist Churches
Pastor John Warwick, Superintendent, Assemblies of God
Pastor Geoffrey Woodward, Chairman, Christian Outreach Centres

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One Response to “Combined Churches Statement On Abortion”

  1. Ian Brearley 28 May 2018 at 6:51 am Permalink

    God bless you all in your stand for the TRUTH. Jesus is the TRUTH. One day we shall all stand before Him and give an account of all that we have said and done in this all-too-short earth life. In an age where so many people are telling us that truth is negotiable, and we can all change it around to suit ourselves and our preferences, Jesus continues to stand a towering figure in humanity, in His stand for ultimate truth that is not negotiable, and that our only choice, if we want to be free citizens of this planet, is to take His yoke upon us, and learn of Him, for He is meek and lowly of heart, and we shall find rest for our souls. Love in Jesus, the Supreme Commander.