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The Heart of Medicine

Read Full Article Filed on 14 February 2020

The Heart of Medicine is for good health outcomes. To maintain health, to restore health, to heal. To cure sometimes, to comfort always, to ease the way, to relieve distress until the final breath. To practice in conscience with compassion

2020 New Year’s Day Sunrise Prayer Success Hill on the Swan

Read Full Article Filed on 29 December 2019

For Perthites. Apologies to everyone else in Oz. As below or as attached. Celebrate and Dedicate 2020 New Year’s Day Sunrise Prayer Success Hill on the Swan 5.00 – 5.45am Success Hill Reserve, 7th Ave, Bassendean WA, WED Jan 1. Sunrise 5.13am. Any queries contact Lachlan Dunjey 0407 937 513  David Kingston 0412 089 […]

A dark day in the history of Western Australia 11 Dec, 2019

Read Full Article Filed on 11 December 2019

Were we heard? Yes, we were. I think the voices opposing euthanasia, physician assisted suicide, voluntary assisted dying were possibly better prepared and heard more than ever before. We were given time but it made no difference to the outcome.

Letters to The West Australian and MLCs re Voluntary Assisted Dying

Read Full Article Filed on 08 November 2019

The first (death) is consequential to good medicine, the second is euthanasia and cannot ever be called good medicine. The difference is critical and has been recognised for millennia.

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Read Full Article Filed on 02 November 2019

List of Declarations – some for doctors, some for everyone 2006  Medicine with Morality Manifesto 2009  The People’s Charter 2010  Conscience in Medicine Declaration 2010  Canberra Declaration 2011  San Jose Articles 2012  Dublin Declaration 2014  Geneva Declaration on Perinatal Care 2015  Compassionate Care Alliance 2019  WMA Declaration on Euthanasia

Turning Doctors into Killers. Understanding what’s at stake

Read Full Article Filed on 16 October 2019

The Code of Medicine is to save life and not to kill, to relieve distress until the final breath. Palliative Care specialists know that no one need ever die in pain, yet pain is the constant chorus of those pushing for killing to be a solution. Heed the words of the Palliative Care specialists – they do know.

Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill in WA letter to paper

Read Full Article Filed on 15 October 2019

Medically assisted killing is not necessary. As a society we must not break, we must not destroy this foundational Code of Medicine to ease the way, but never to kill.

“I want to end my life” – a reflection on the ongoing push for a right to die

Read Full Article Filed on 14 October 2019

Let’s be clear – we must never give legal approval for people to die and doctors must never be involved in killing. To give compassionate and skilled medical care to the very end of a patient’s life, to ease the way, yes, that is our role and duty and privilege, but never to kill.

With Reverence and Awe

Read Full Article Filed on 15 September 2019

With Reverence and Awe – A Reminder “Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe” (Hebrews 12:28 NIV) It was about 10 days before writing this that Lizzie (my wife) read a selection from 1 Cor 11 with verse […]

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Orwellian Doublespeak and the NSW Abortion Bill

Read Full Article Filed on 04 September 2019

How can it be that Members of Parliament in Australia would vote to give legislative approval to pulling off baby’s arms and legs at a time when nerve pathways have been laid down and the child – no longer safe in what should be the safe-house womb – is screaming and writhing in silent agony.